Troy McQuagge’s Leadership Skills and Idea for Helping Others

Each day, we have people in our neighborhood or state who need some help. However, not everyone is there to take care of them or dedicate some effort to better their situation. HOPE foundation whose acronyms stand for Helping Other People Every day is a unique foundation that works under the USHEALTH organization. Just like the meaning behind the acronyms, HOPE foundation has an organizational commitment to improving the lives of other people who could be enduring certain struggles or problems in life. Read more on Crunchbase about Troy McQuagge Son

Troy McQuagge is the humble man behind the initiation of HOPE foundation. With a great determination to ensure the success of the foundation, he led it to its first project which involved partnering with another organization to help all the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The activities undertook involved rebuilding the homes that were hit. Basically, the project had a single aim which was to make sure that the residents found a safe place to call home after the destruction. Other examples of the generous acts of HOPE foundation includes the donation of shoes, clothing and baby formula worth thousands of dollars to The Crisis Nursery that acts as a children’s shelter.

When questioned about the mission of HOPE foundation, Troy McQuagge son responded in a simple answer stating that each company has a ‘soul’ that lies at the core of the people making the company and the company itself. The members of the Hope foundation mission is to offer help and services to other people where they can. Other than being a corporate responsibility to help others, it is also a personal mission for all the people involved. Basically, all deeds related to HOPE foundation usually involve USHEALTH Advisors Agents who embark on the missions proposed.

Although living a successful life is of great importance to most people, the mission of HOPE foundation is to help recognize with gratitude that living a life of service exceeds other expectations. That said, HOPE foundation is a branch of USHEALTH that enables the members to accomplish more besides the issuance of insurance products to clients having the financial ability. In short, it is a way of enriching or giving back to the local community.

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