The Chainsmokers’ New Material Has A Darker Edge That Mirrors Today’s World

A recent Forbes article shines a light on the popular DJ/production musical act known as The Chainsmokers, and the darker direction their music has taken with the release of a new single titled “Sick Boy.”


As the author of the Forbes article suggests, it may seem like The Chainsmokers have been sharing their brand of music with the world for a long time. In actuality, however, this American duo first came into the public consciousness only a few years ago. (More about Chainsmokers on The Chainsmokers)


The Chainsmokers’ music is sort of a cross between electronic dance music and well-crafted Top 40 pop songs. The two creative forces that make up this duo are Drew Taggart and Alex Pall.


In the recent Forbes article, the author had the opportunity to interview the members of The Chainsmokers prior to their live performance at the Conrad Hotel in New York City in January 2018.


When the first single from The Chainsmokers, “#Selfie” was released in late 2013, the song quickly became a big hit internationally. The duo then released several other very popular songs, including “Roses,” “Closer,” and a collaborative work with the band Coldplay titled “Something Just Like This.”


In 2016, the song “Don’t Let Me Down” earned a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording for The Chainsmokers. In January 2018, this top-selling duo released their first single in nine months. The song “Sick Boy” is noticeably darker than much of the act’s previous musical output, with Drew Taggart handling the vocals. Earlier works from The Chainsmokers have often utilized guest female lead singers.


As for the future, The Chainsmokers are constantly exploring new sounds and want to consistently release music that is fresh and relevant. They see themselves musically in a space that straddles the line between pop and electronic dance music and see lots of opportunities to create unique and exciting new work. See Related Link to learn more.


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