Securus Technologies and GovPayNet Join Forces

Securus Technologies has been assisting inmates and corrections agencies all across North America. They are committed to providing the best service to those involved within the emergency response and managements in incidents as well as the public information for safety of inmates and those who are employed by government agencies.


When they decided to expand even further, they opted to acquire GovPayNet as their next venture. With GovPayNet, they will handle the processing of payments made to courts and other agencies that the government is involved in. They will handle the debit card payments as well as any credit payments and cash payments related to bail.


The chief executive officer as well as the president of Securus Technologies is extremely excited to become involved in this business. They are already involved in the inmate and safety area for government agencies. GovPayNet has over 20 years in experience with the payments that are related to criminal activities and payments for services provided through court systems. What started out as a former sheriff ran business has turned into a larger, more successful business with the acquisition made by Securus Technologies.


Since the acquisition of GovPayNet, Securus Technologies is now in control of 40 million dollars of payments each year. Not only are they in control of the payments but they also are now heavily involved with the investments of the sales people and the products provided by GovPayNet. They have combined with JPay and look forward to expanding even further with additional areas of the payment processing for the market and will further expand their market shares.


Before Securus acquired the GovPayNet agency, they were already previously involved with inmate safety and keeping those who work within the government agencies who help to keep inmates in control while they serve their time.