Newswatch TV  Achieve Your Companys Marketing Goals

Newswatch TV show is amongst the top-rated TV shows in the United States and airs on ION and AMC Network. The show covers many different topics of general interests, starting from travel to luxury and from health to finance. The Newswatch TV has hosted some of the most popular celebrities that have caught the attention of the public. Some of the top stars to have visited on the show are Carl Lewis, Brooklyn Decker, Ted Danson, Dr. Oz, Dale Earnhardt Jr, and a few more. The show is aired in more than two hundred markets in the United States.

As the outreach of the Newswatch TV is enormous, many companies often take the help of the show to reach out to their potential and target audience. One of the companies that benefitted massively from the Newswatch TV show is Avanca who at the time of marketing through NewsWatch TV were promoting their Indiegogo Campaign. They wanted to raise funds for Ockel Sirius 8 Pocket PC. Even though their target was $10,000 to be raised in 30 days, the promotion through Newswatch TV helped them raised nearly half a million dollars. It is one of the most successful Indiegogo Campaigns till date and the promotion through NewsWatch TV helped a lot.

The success achieved by Avanca through NewsWatch TV has been phenomenal. If you want to reach out to your target audience in the United States, then rest assured that NewsWatch TV would help you achieve it with ease. The management at Avanca was more than happy to have NewsWatch TV for their promotion. Saygus and Contour are the other two companies that benefitted greatly by having NewsWatch TV as their partners for marketing and promotion. You can be sure that with the help of NewsWatch TV, it would become more comfortable for you to achieve your marketing goals.