Malcolm Cassell Expanding the Currency Exchange Platform

Malcolm Cassell has made significant headway in the virtual marketplace in the recent past as CIO of Opskins Inc. He is also President of WAX, Worldwide Asset Exchange. These companies have become major players in the cryptocurrency sphere in that they decentralize the online marketplace, use a token-based system and ‘skins’ for trade, and may have a truer picture of what actual goods are worth than systems utilizing currency such as the bitcoin.

The world asset exchange is a virtual online marketplace. It caters primarily to video gamers, and uses skins and tokens in its system of exchange. Gaming participants reside anywhere and may trade at any time day or night. Involvement begins when one sets up a cryptocurrency account. In a recent calendar year an estimated $41 million in currency crossed the worldwide asset exchange. Cassell and other insiders see blockchain technology becoming a $1 billion business annually in the not to far distant future.

Malcolm Cassell is a United States citizen. He received his undergraduate degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He earned his graduate degree from Stanford University.

Malcolm Cassell previously earned professional executive experience with MediaPass LLC. He also served as CIO with XFire Holding Inc., prior to his venture with Wax. Moreover, Cassell has been an investor in ventures including Facebook and bitcoin during their respective early stages. He attributes his morning routine, which includes time for meditation and exercise, as well as time for separating from the professional events of the day to be positive habits he has embraced.

Malcolm Cassell sees blockchain technology to be ‘internet 3.0.’ His confidence in part is fueled by the success of companies he helped found that include PCCW and Group On. Moreover, he views WAX as a team concept utilizing blockchain technology to enable WAX to create a success before its competition. He foresees the future to be rather bright for cryptocurrency, and those with an entrepreneurial interest in further developing this business transaction modality.