Kamil Idris writes about new trade tariffs

Kamil Idris is an accomplished expert on intellectual property and international law. He is one of the people who know so much about the intellectual property law and has held senior positions in the World Intellectual Property Organization. For one decade, he was at the helm of the world’s organization where he helped formulate important policies which guide intellectual property today. He has also been a member of the United Nations International Law Commission where he has also held senior positions of leadership. As an expert in these fields, he has offered critical lessons including teaching in universities. He has been recognized for his great contributions in the industry by 19 universities which have awarded him honorary degrees. In 2010, Kamil Idris who is from Sudan vied for the seat of President.


Kamil Idris is also an author who has put his experience in the legal fraternity into writing by authoring book known as “Intellectual Property a Power Tool for Economic Growth.” This is a book that contains vital information on the topic of Intellectual property as well as economic development. With his long experience in these fields, he knows what deserves to be done to accomplish better economic development, especially for his continent Africa.


Kamil Idriss is also informed on matters of global economic growth. When matters of international trade are being talked about, he is one person who can give professional views since he is knowledgeable enough. One of the issues he has addressed in his recent articles is trade between China and the United States. Kamil believes that China will be greatly affected by the trade tariffs that have been passed by president Trump. Trump passed the tariffs as a way of protesting the unlawful acquisition of American technology by the Chinese. America says that it has suffered losses of between $225 and $300 billion which as a result of the illegal activities of the Chinese.


President Trump has passed that cases of IP theft by the Chinese will accrue huge penalties on imports from China. Over $50 billion penalties will be passed on to imports from China as a way of punishing them. Intellectual property is an important factor in trade agreements, and the United States can no longer accept to take imports from China which have been made through IP theft.