Jeff Yastine Believes Solar Energy Is The Future

Fluctuating energy prices and shifting government policies have caused several ups and downs for solar panel companies. Americans are hesitant to make an investment in renewable power even though they have the desire for protecting the environment. Jeff Yastine is a financial expert confident about investments in solar energy. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.


Yastine encouraged his readers to make investments in Guggenheim Solar and the value went up nearly one tenth quickly. First Solar Inc’s share prices went up almost forty percent since Jeff Yastine made positive comments about it. Yastine, renowned as an investment guru thinks the value of solar stocks are going to continue to increase.

Growth is Impressive

Photovoltaic panels increasing popularity is something that has been highlighted by Jeff Yastine. He noted that the energy generation of solar power plants surged forty-six percent making it higher than ever during 2017. Sunlight was used by businesses, utilities and homeowners for supplying approximately two percent of the United States electricity.

While this is a small amount of power it is a significant increase when considering that in 2015 photovoltaic panels didn’t even generate one percent of the electrical supply in America. Three years before they didn’t even produce half of a percent meaning that in five years production increased by two thousand percent which has not been achieved by any other method of power generation in recent years.

The Reason Behind This

Jeff Yastine believes that the rise in solar can be contributed to more than one factor. There is better technology for production and equipment can be assembled faster. The prices of panels dropped by nearly forty percent during 2017 as a result. New policies to help the industry and customers have been introduced by the federal government.

In the effort to promote renewable energy regulators want to eliminate obstacles to the storage of energy. They are calling for more usage of rechargeable batteries with a high capacity as part of the future planning of utilities. The plan is expected over the next year as stronger systems for storage will make setting aside electricity for use when solar power cannot generate enough power. Visit: