James Dondero: Improving Argentina’s Financial Crisis

The rest of Latin America could learn from Argentina. This is a country that was looking for change and got it. James Dondero knew that Argentina would be worth the investment, so he took on the country’s debt. This was a gamble that he won. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

Argentina was close to financial turmoil, but when they elected Mauricio Macri as president, that changed. Most of the people are very educated, so they knew a change was needed in their country. Once each province started reporting the yields that they had, it became clear The this was well worth the investment. Mauro Staltari was brought on as an analyst to help out. He knew that of all the Latin America countries, Argentina was the one that was different. Change would start there. President Macri decides to make some changes to government policies that would help the reigns and strengthen the economy. The government-backed him being that the entity encourages businesses to thrive. Visit Highland Funds to know more about James Dondero.

With the help of Highland Capital, Argentina is thriving. Their president can take some of the credit too because of his policy chains that they needed. This was crucial for the country’s economy is improving. However, the deficit needs to be taken care. It is just one thing at a time. It is getting there. Argentina takes to financial change well unlike other countries that have dictators. They have to deal with corruption and financial scandals. Argentina remained untouched from that. That is why they are number three on the list of having the best economy.

James Dondero always has a good eye on what to invest in. Argentina was a risk but it worked out. They managed to raise $16.5 billion in the market at a record setting pace. That’s unheard of. However, Argentina is a strong global competitor.

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