Even an Enhanced Athlete Follower Relies on Basic Compound Movements

No one was born with the genetics to walk around with 220lbs of pure muscle without ever hitting the gym. In order to have a bodybuilder’s physique, you must work out like a bodybuilder. This is where so many people get into trouble. Their decisions to workout like bodybuilders lead them to try advanced or otherwise inappropriate workout routines. Beginners should stick with beginner programs. It makes no sense to jump right into a routine intended for someone with six years of experience, experience that includes working out hard five days a week.


Advanced routines often involve mix up a variety of different exercises. Compound and isolation exercises may be mixed together in such a manner that all the muscles in the body get hit from a multitude of angles. For the advanced lifter, such approaches might work. Professionals, in particular, require hard workouts in order to continue to see results. That’s why they make things even more strenuous by performing split routines and more.


A beginner can’t follow these types of training methods. Doing so could lead to injury. Instead, it may be best to stick with a basic program that relies mostly on top compound exercises.


Simple compound exercises such as the bench press or the squat hit a multitude of muscles. Performing these exercises and similar compound movements at reasonable amounts of weight should be fine for beginners to make gains. The primary goal of beginning bodybuilding is usually mass building. Compound exercises help with this goal. There’s no reason to perform an excessive amount of compound and isolation movements at the beginning.


That’s not to suggest isolation movements have no role in early bodybuilding training. Isolation exercises such as curls could help bring out lagging body parts. Isolation exercises, however, come into play more during the definition stage of training. Compound exercises are best during the early mass building stage.


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