End Citizens United

End Citizens United Are Now Backing Races At The State Level

The End Citizens United (ECU) was formed in March of 2015 as a result of a Supreme Court ruling made five years previous. The U.S. Supreme Court case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ended the restriction on the amount of money that individual groups could spend in a federal election. End Citizens United’s goal is to have that ruling reversed.

Up to this election cycle, End Citizens United had only endorsed candidates at the federal level. However, they have formed a non-federal wing called Fight For Reform. The Fight For Reform is backing several candidates at the state level. One particular candidate is Molly Kelly. She is running in the New Hampshire Governor’s race. Read more about End Citizens United at politifact.com

Tiffany Mueller, executive director of End Citizens United, said that they are proud to endorse candidates such as Kelly who are willing to stand up and run a reform-minded campaign. Mueller believes that when Kelly is elected governor, she will create a government that is for the people and will weed out the special interest groups. Kelly wants to close the loophole that allows a person to contribute to a candidate’s campaign at the state level through several limited liability corporations owned by that same person. She is pledging that the people and the well being of New Hampshire will come first when she is elected governor.

So far this year, ECU has spent about $ 1 million at the federal level to Democrat candidates at the federal level. Due to the fact that this is the first cycle for endorsing candidates at the state level and the program is still in the building stages, they do not have to register as a PAC at this level. However, ECU will register once they meet the necessary threshold.

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