Securus Technologies and GovPayNet Join Forces

Securus Technologies has been assisting inmates and corrections agencies all across North America. They are committed to providing the best service to those involved within the emergency response and managements in incidents as well as the public information for safety of inmates and those who are employed by government agencies.


When they decided to expand even further, they opted to acquire GovPayNet as their next venture. With GovPayNet, they will handle the processing of payments made to courts and other agencies that the government is involved in. They will handle the debit card payments as well as any credit payments and cash payments related to bail.


The chief executive officer as well as the president of Securus Technologies is extremely excited to become involved in this business. They are already involved in the inmate and safety area for government agencies. GovPayNet has over 20 years in experience with the payments that are related to criminal activities and payments for services provided through court systems. What started out as a former sheriff ran business has turned into a larger, more successful business with the acquisition made by Securus Technologies.


Since the acquisition of GovPayNet, Securus Technologies is now in control of 40 million dollars of payments each year. Not only are they in control of the payments but they also are now heavily involved with the investments of the sales people and the products provided by GovPayNet. They have combined with JPay and look forward to expanding even further with additional areas of the payment processing for the market and will further expand their market shares.


Before Securus acquired the GovPayNet agency, they were already previously involved with inmate safety and keeping those who work within the government agencies who help to keep inmates in control while they serve their time.


Contribution of Securus Technologies Towards Safety

Securus technologies are renowned civil and criminal justice technological solution provider. The firm came into existence in the year 1986. The firm’s headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. It provides its services to over three thousand four hundred and fifty public safety, one million two hundred inmates in more significant parts of North America and several correctional agencies. The services offered by this firm include; investigation, public safety, correction, and monitoring. The company aims at solving and preventing criminal activities among the inmates.


Securus technologies are committed to providing excellent services to its clients. They provide communication, information management, emergency response, incident management, public information, biometric analysis and monitoring services to make the world a better and safer place to live. The firm connects to what is essential to safety. It has invested heavily in patents, technologies, and acquisitions. It has also received approval from not less than five correctional departments.


On a weekly basis, Securus technologies invent a new service or product that promotes corrections officials and law enforcement to solve and bar crimes. The firm has received favorable compliments from different members of the society including inmates, their families, and parolees safe.


The most notable help that has been hailed by Securus clients includes:

  • LBS software which has helped to recover illegal assets, cash, and drugs.
  • A search of phone calls amongst organizations staff member to eject rogue and corrupt individuals.
  • Monitoring calls amongst inmates in prison to ascertain if inmates are involved in drug trafficking and corrupt money transfer deals.
  • Revolutionizing the prison environment and improving public safety.
  • Provision of far improved and advanced investigation tools to assist in the investigation.
  • Provision of reporting data which improves monitoring and prevents contrabands in prison facilities.


Securus technologies have a well trained and experienced staff. The number of employees at this firm is over a thousand. They are available at all times to serve clients to their satisfaction.


Read These Comments to Find Out Why People Love Securus

Securus Technologies is a well known provider of services to jails and prisons. They come up with innovative solutions and technologies that let correctional facilities crack down on crime and illegal deals that are often conducted in the prisons. They have offices around the country, especially in Texas and Georgia. They provide services to thousands of correctional facilities and million of inmates. They have put hundreds of millions of dollars into inventing new technology to help out their customers.


Richard Smith, also known as Rick Smith, is the CEO of Securus Technologies. He says that they actually come up with a new technology on an average of once a week! That just blows my mind. Rick Smith says that he receives thousands of communications from correctional facilities about their services, and they are all raving praises about Securus. Listen to what they had to say.


One customer said that the LBS technology alone would be enough for them to continue using their services. LBS together with Investigator Pro, according to that customer, makes Securus the leading provider of services to correctional facilities. Another customer commented that using the LBS software, together with other Securus software, they were able to recover millions of dollars worth of assets that were illegal, including illegal drugs and illegal cash. Another commented that they were in middle of an investigation when they suddenly realized that they needed the technology of Securus. They started using the covert alert feature and were able to take the suspect into custody. One law enforcement agency said that they listened in on a conversation between an inmate and their older siblings. The older siblings were telling the younger sibling what to say about a recent shooting. Other customers said that they were able to uncover staff members who were dealing with illegal substances.


Talk Fusion Wins Prestigious Award

Talk Fusion is a company that is transforming the digital communication space in the modern times. Just recently, the company was given the 2016 Communication Solution Product of the year award. This is the second time the communication company is getting a prestigious award. The product of the year award was founded by the well-known Technology Marketing Corporation, and it honors institutions that have excelled in data, video and voice communication.

According to a report by the Technology Marketing Corporation, Talk Fusion was given the award for introducing their industry changing video chat service. The service allows consumers in different parts of the world to communicate seamlessly with their friends and family, regardless of the type of device they are using. The location of the users doesn’t matter too. The service is available to consumers through Google Play and iTunes.

The video chat service was introduced by the company several years ago, and it is part of the company’s all in one video marketing solution. These products allow businesses to market themselves efficiently and stand out from the rest in the competitive industry. Enterprises that have used the video chat service to market themselves are already doing very well in their sales and profits.

Bob Reina, the current president and chairman of Talk Fusion promises his clients more services. According to him, this is just the beginning. Bon Reina says that he is positive that the company will provide more valuable assets to ensure that his clients remain on top. Reina also says that his team is dedicated to providing the best products using the latest technology.

Talk Fusion was established in the year 2007 by Reina and his colleague who felt that the communication and marketing industry lacked enough products. The innovative products from the company have done well, and they are used by many people in the world today. The products from the successful communication company are marketed from one person to the other. This is done by independent associates employed by the corporation. At the moment, approximately 140 nations are using products from the company. Clients are given a 30-day trial when they register to use the services.


Securus Technologies Furnishing Its Clients with Extraordinary Services

Within the recent past, organizations and individuals have been able to reap the benefits of Securus Technologies services. Providing more user-friendly and modern services, the company has been able to highly compete with GTL’s Technology Systems. Securus Technologies offers edge civil technological and leading criminal equity products ensuring modernizing of imprisonment experience and public well-being. Remedies, law implementation and diverse public well-being working facilities depend on Securus for secure, basic and effective improvement packages that are simpler to use and that are always available. With scores of modelers and adequate licenses, originators, researchers improving game plans and fashioners, the Securus Technologies offers special products. The association is committed in offering front line programming services and products that are of top-notch quality. Thus, clients are provided with the best solutions in addition to giving the best customer care services within the market.

Securus Technologies is resolved to serve and link people by giving emergency responses, episode services, prisoner self-service, information organization, correspondence, affirmation, examination, open information and surveying of products & services while ensuring the world remains a secured place. The administrations include connecting friends and family to their detained ones, interfacing remedial offices to fundamental information, linking detainees with innovation, associating investigative lead spots, and interfacing respondents and emergency dispatchers to those searching for need.

The headquarter workplaces of Securus Technologies is situated in Dallas, Texas with the affiliation serving over 3,400 clients. These include amendments merchants, public well being, and law authorization notwithstanding more than 1.2 million prisoners within North America. Securus is thus a starting supplier of civil and criminal equity arrangements as far as safety, corrections, monitoring and investigation is concerned. To this day, Securus has given its major rival GTL high competition about the organization that offers the wide variety of products, high quality services, and advanced & modern telephone calling platforms.


Securus Technologies Offers Inmates Ultimate Solutions

In the past, prisoners felt neglected due to the poor communication strategy between them and the outside world. They felt lonely when they were confined. Their rights of communication and expression were intimidated when they were locked in those restricted rooms without communication. The modern world has changed the situation. Imprisoned individuals should not get worried anymore.


The inmate communication industry has solved the problems encountered in the past. Inmate communication companies are many, and they offer similar inmate services to their clients. Choosing the best company to get the services from should not be a challenge to many people. Securus Technologies should be the choice of many people because of the quality of services they provide.


The headquarters of Securus is in Dallas in the United States of America. Securus Technologies has been serving its clients for more than a decade. They provide telephone services to prisoners to facilitate efficient communication services with and their close allies and family members. Previously, the cost of telephone charges was very high. Inmates and family members could not afford to contact each other through telephone communication. However, that is in the past now. Securus Technologies solved the communication problem.


Through Securus Technologies, more than 30 million calls were made to the inmates or their relatives. These phone calls are made with advanced technologies which are in the modes of both audio and video calls. Telephone charges of this company are affordable to many people.


Securus Technologies offers other crucial services. Collaborating with the USA government is an essential requirement which the company observes to enhance the close monitoring of prisoners during the rehabilitation process. They give advisory support and correction tips to inmates to rectify their behaviors. The members of staff at Securus Technologies have outstanding skills and competencies which enable the company to achieve its goals and objects.


Securus Helps Us Keep In Touch With Our Grandson

My wife and I are pretty savvy with technology, and our grandson is a pretty unfortunate position in prison. He will not be there for very long, but we still wanted to be able to visit with him, and we heard about how Securus can make that happen over video. We researched wikipedia, found out about Securus and downloaded the app on our tablets, and now we can schedule calls to our grandson so that we can see how he is doing. We live too far away to just drive down to the prison because we are taking care of some of our younger grandkids, but we can check in with the app.
We make phone call like we normally would, and then we get to see him on video so we know how he is doing. There is not much longer for him on his sentence, but we think this is really important technology. I was just telling my husband the other ay that this could help a lot of families who have been in such a bad position. It makes me feel good to know that we can help make a difference in this boy’s life, and we think that talking to him over the video on Securus lets him know that he has a place to go when he gets out.

We have been using the this highly rated app for a short time, but we are very happy with it. We can have private conversations with our grandson, and we can report to the rest of the family how he is doing. His parents are having a hard time, and we are happy to jump in and talk to him as much as we can. It makes us feel good to stay connected to family, and we think it teaches him that the family is here for him.

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