Rick Smith Talks about Securus Technologies

Richard A. Smith is the Chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies. According to him, Securus Technologies is one of the strongest investments on the market. Securus has one of the highest reputations in the industry and is beloved by millions of customers, and they have thousands of appreciations letters to prove it. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

All that appreciation comes from the company’s dedication to developing the best products and services possible. They’re also focused on protecting the community and making the prison system safer for everyone that it effects. Mr. Smith even says that safety is the in the company’s DNA.

That DNA pushes Securus to develop better technology every year. Sometimes, when Securus can’t do something itself, it’s best to bring in another company. In 2015, Securus Technologies acquired JPay Inc. JPay was a smaller company at the time but accomplished something no other company did: they introduced e-payments and several apps to the corrections space.

In an interview, Smith talked about how excited he was to bring JPay into the Securus family. JPay did something no one was trying to do, and that got Securus’ attention. Now, it’s about working together and making better products.

Know more: https://apps.securustech.net/press_listing.asp?press_id=21

The prison system’s been outdated for too many years. It’s about time companies like Securus Technologies and JPay updated all the useless and outdated options. Now that the companies’ teams work together, they’re both hoping that they can produce the best-quality products at the best price. This is a great step toward a modern prison system.

From the viewpoint of JPay, this acquisition is a great way for them to expand their footprint. Securus is a much larger corporation that has more resources. Now that JPay operates as a subsidiary of Rick Smith Securus, they have access to the network of resources.

Having access to those resources is important because Shapiro wants to develop groundbreaking products. Before, it would’ve taken years to accomplish even one of his dreams. With Securus backing their moves, JPay can produce numerous industry-changing products in half the time. It’s that passion from Shapiro and his team that sparked Securus’ interest in the company.

Not to make Shapiro sound like the only one that cares, he constantly credits his company’s success to his relentless team. Their pursuit and dedication to the company mission are beyond impressive. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Where Did Eric Pulier Start Helping Kids With Their Education?

Eric Pulier started in the 90s with his foundation called People Doing Things. He was very interested in helping people who had disabilities, and he wanted to advocate for people who needed to get accessibility for the things they wanted to do. That was back when the ADA was a very new law, and he was helping make sure that all the new technology that was needed was available.

The people that benefited the most from his work were the ones that were most in need of help. The things that these people need were provided when they were in school or at work, and they were able to perform in just the same way that other people could without disabilities. It is very hard for people to handle a normal lifestyle with the adaptive technology that Eric Pulier created, and he made sure that he was helping people make the most of the time they had to learn or work.

He moved on to something called Starbright World that was helping kids with illnesses talk to other kids with the same illness. A kid who is very sick is going to feel dejected most of the time because it makes them feel different, and the only way for them to feel normal was to talk to other kids just like them. Pulier practically invented the social network, and he made it for only the kids who needed the most assistance. That is a very important part of helping people who are sick, and Eric Pulier did it all out of kindness. Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=235882&privcapId=104763179

Eric Pulier has always been on the cutting edge of what is going on the education world, and he is focused on the people who are the most in need of help. He knows that all kids are going to learn better when they have technology he has created, and he wants to advocate for kids who cannot help themselves. He believes he can offer really good results for every kid, and he believes that even the kids with the greatest disabilities can have the biggest effect on the world.

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Corrections Industry and Securus Favored in US Court of Appeals

Securus Technologies is considered to be one of the top providers of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for corrections, public safety, monitoring and investigations. The firm recently made it public that it had successfully defended its view at the United States Court of Appeal that the Federal Communications Commission was not capable of imposing the rates caps on the intrastate rates. 

Within a period of two weeks, the Securus Technologies together with its rival companies have managed to win two major issues it presented in the US Court of Appeals concerning the inmate rates. This was revealed by Richard Smith, the Securus Technologies Executive Officer. 

The initial appeal was to granting of the stay on the FCC majority decision concerning the Inmate rates and fees. The second appeal was about the inappropriate extension of the interim interstate rates. Though the legal bar which enables the Stay by the Court is very high, we successfully managed to prevail on both points. There are also thoughts the FCC has had a very bad legal guidance as the proceeded from the outside inmate counsel which was terrorizing the industry. Later, the court realized that what we were aiming for was good for the industry including law enforcement and corrections. 

He also revealed that they had already debated the costs, security and jurisdiction with the Federal Communications Commission, the Stated and the Courts for the previous sixteen years which is a very long period of time.

He also claimed that they had requested the Federal Communications Commission to have a meeting with the CEOs in the industry and the states and come up with a solution which will be good for both the inmates, the friends, the families, witnesses, victims, industry and all the society members.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It serves more than 2450 law enforcement, public safety and correction agencies together with over 1200000 inmates across the North America. 

The firm is committed to connect and serve by availing emergency response, biometric analysis, communication, inmate service, public information and incident management. The firm also focusses on bringing together what is important.

Securus Technologies is not affiliated in any way with Securus America, the website nor is it part of the Securus Amazon health product.

The center for domestic violence victims, Securus House is also not a part of Securus Technologies.

The Success of Securus Technologies New Video Visitation Mobile Application

Securus Technologies is a leading company in provision of technology solutions that concern civil and criminal justice. Its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. It is well established in North America. Securus technologies serve more than 1,200,000 inmates and above 3,400 facilities that deal with public safety, corrections and law enforcement.

Securus Technologies products and services

Securus technologies provide a number of services and products that help inmates and the justice system. Its enabling connection allows for swift emergency response, proper management of incidences, information management, inmate communication, investigations, inmate self service, biometric analysis and monitoring of products and services. All the above services ensure there is safety of the public, proper investigations, efficient monitoring and corrections in the justice system.

One of their most renowned and latest products is the New video Visitation Mobile Application. This app can be used in Android smartphones, Apple iPhones, tablets, iPads and iPods touches. This video visitation allows family and friends to visit their incarcerated relatives. You can choose to pre schedule an Onsite visit or visit your relatives from your home using a computer.

The At-Home visitation is more convenient if the facility is far. It saves you time, eliminates traveling, long queues and limited visitation time. It will also make your loved one feel at home. Onsite video Visitation is almost the same as the visit through the glass except that you can pre schedule your visit. It has the advantage of reducing the waiting time and allowing you to visit at your convenient time.

Popularity of the New Video Visitation Mobile App

This App can be used in a number of mobile phones and devices. Its first launch was on Android phone app and in about 6 months since its launch, the app has been downloaded more than 60,000 times.

Russell Roberts, vice president of marketing and strategy in Securus Technologies denoted that this investment was made to provide more options to the visiting process and thus giving more choice to relatives who wanted to connect with incarcerated loved ones.

The app allows for sync of visit details to calendar, testing of network connections for good video quality and getting of notifications for next visits. More importantly, it allows families and friends to celebrate special moments like anniversaries and birthdays together that inmate phone calls cannot achieve.

Learn more about Securus by visiting the following link >> http://www.securustechnologies.com/en/about-us

Coriant- The Innovative Telecom Giant

Coriant develops unique and progressive networking solutions for a rapidly evolving and cloud-based business sphere. The Coriant showcase of SDN-enabled, widely spanning transport solutions enables network operators to dramatically diminish operational complexity, improvise use of multiple layered network, and create new income-generating services optimized for the growing demands of business and consumer applications, including mobile, video, and cloud.

Coriant provides services to reputable network operators in numerous countries, including fixed and mobile line service providers, content providers, data and cloud center operations, cable MSOs, big enterprises, financial organizations, government agencies and utility providers. With a majority of networking systems decommissioned throughout the world, Coriant solutions prove to be the solid foundation for significant end-user service dividends. Coriant was discovered by the powerful merging of Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) Opticaal Networks, Sycamore, and Tellabs Networks – a remarkable legacy of over three decades of technological innovation.

Shaygan Kheradpir is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Coriant, a supplier of ingenuous networking solutions to reputable network operators in many nations, including 9 of the top 10 global Tier 1 Communications Service Providers (CSPs). Shaygan is a renowned business and technology guru with more than 28 years of experience across the technology, telecommunication, and financial services industries. He initiated his career at GTE Corporation, and consequently was promoted to Verizon’s EVP & CIO and a part of the operating leadership group promoting the systems development, efficacy, modernization and creating diverse products, including FiOS, the forerunner infrastructure initiatives in the U.S. with a net capital of over $20 billion. Shaygan next corroborated with Barclays as Chief Operations and Technology and was also an executive member. At Barclays, he pioneered the creation of the company’s TRANSFORM program, a breakthrough of the bank for the modern age spanning 50 countries, affecting a significant number of employees. Following this role, he assumed the position of CEO of Juniper Networks, where he created an consolidated Operating Plan for the organization and concentrated his efforts on the effecting the growth of markets of Cloud Builder & High IQ Networking. Before his new position at Coriant, Shaygan was the executive partner at Marlin Equity Partners, where his main focus was on strategic technology and telecom ventures. Shaygan has a Ph.D., master’s, and bachelor’s degree in engineering from the prestigious Cornell University.