Duda Melzer Makes RBS A Leading Communications Company

Duda Melzer is the third generation of the Sirotsky family. His grandfather was the founder of the RBS Group. Now he is the president and chairman of the RBS Group. This company is in the digital sector. It is operating in Brazil as well as the United States.

Duda Melzer earned his graduation degree in Business Administration. This was from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS). He also has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) along with other executive courses from the Harvard Business School. Check out his crunchbase bio for full info.

In 2004 he joined Sirotsky. He joined as the Director General for the National Market of the RBS Group. In 2012 he became the Chairman of the RBS group, read more on economia.estadao.com.

Duda Melzer is highly inspired by John Davis. He is an American. He was a Harvard professor. Besides, he is a family business specialist too. He is a world-renowned consultant in this field. RBS Group was the first customer of Davis. This was in 1999. His rules of excellence made a major difference in governance. This is what has helped RBS Group to become the largest communication group in the country. Duda Melzer dedicates this feat to the thinking of Davis and the hard work of his family.

Duda Melzer is influenced by other thinkers too in the entrepreneurial world. In fact, he visits them periodically for consultations. These are Jim Collins along with Ram Charan. Duda Melzer claims that family-run businesses have the potential to succeed when they make use of professional management.

In addition to education, Duda Melzer has the right kind of experience that can take an organization to great heights. He has experience of working in varied sectors. He has worked at Delphi Corporation as well as BoxTop Media. He has also worked for Family Communications Network. This kind of experience has helped Duda Melzer to take his company, RBS Group, right to the top. Hence it is known and well-respected by others in the field. It is the leader in the field of communications. This is why today Duda Melzer is considered as an inspiration by many.

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