Rodrigo Terpins Participates In the 22nd Annual Sertoes Rally

Rodrigo Terpins is someone who has become so incredibly well known in the field of off-road racing owing to the incredible number of events that he has participated in. Terpins has grown to be one of the more notable names in the sport and has a massive fan following from all over the country.



One of the more recent events that Terpins participated in was at the 22nd Annual Sertoes Rally. The event was one in which some of the biggest off-road racers in the entire country come together to partake in the several events that make up this rally. Terpins was among some of the more well-known participants of the event and saw an incredible amount of supporters coming out to the event to support him.



For the event, Rodrigo Terpins teamed up with Fabricio Bianchini who were competing in the Prototypes T1 category. The pair placed eighth overall in a competition that had thirty-eight total participants. The car, whose number was #326 also showcased an incredible amount of finesse during the event and was something that helped Rodrigo achieve the results that he wanted.



The vehicle itself was something that Terpins was looking forward to for this event. Having a good amount of knowledge with the equipment and technology that went into the formation of this off-road vehicle, Terpins knew that he would be in for an incredible ride. Because the vehicle that was being used by Terpins was so high quality, the maintenance that needed to be done was of a considerable amount. Because of this, a team of specialists to tend to the vehicle in the best way possible were selected and asked to aid Terpins during the event. Check out to know more.




About Rodrigo Terpins



As someone who has always had an incredible love for sports, getting into off-road events was something that Terpins did envision for himself. In addition to being an athlete, he is also an entrepreneur who has taken on several ventures and given rise to numerous businesses. He continues to work with several companies while he participates in some of the country’s biggest events.




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