NBA Betting Made Easy

Wagering on sports is something millions of people around the world enjoy doing. The arrival of legal online sportsbooks has definitely made things much more accessible for those who would like very much to place a bet. Not everyone understands the basics of betting on college basketball odds or NBA odds so they may not be willing to place a wager. Those having a tough time grasping the basics can relax. All that is required is understanding a few simple points.

And “points” is where things start. In all sports betting, there is going to be a point spread that has to be covered. In basketball, one team is the favorite and one team is the underdog.

The favorite team may be listed at -7 which would lead to the underdog being listed at +7. What this means is the favorite must win by eight for a better to earn any money with the team. The underdog can lose by six and the gambler still wins if he/she picks that particular team.

It is possible to play a “straight bet” with sportsbooks that offer such options. Such a bet comes without the point spread, but the winning payoff is going to be less.

“Over and Under” bets are also available. These bets are rather simple. If the over and under is 175, this refers to a hypothetical combined total of the points scored by both teams. The bet would be placed below or above 175. A gambler who bets “over” and the total turns out to be 181 would win.

On a basic level, the whole concept of NBA betting – and college basketball betting – is fairly easy. Do not assume, however, the ease of wagering means the process should be a thoughtless one. A careless or carefree wager is going to lead to little more than throwing money away.

A bit of research has to going into the teams and the lineups playing during the game to be wagered upon. A team’s win-loss record and other stats do come into play regarding outcomes. Be sure to understand all the factors that might give one team an edge over another. is an outstanding resource for information on NBA sports. has information on scores of other sports as well. Anyone wishing to learn recent news and gain insight into proper odds and lines should visit