Gooee IoT Coming To Your Nearest Department Store

Everyone has been inside a large retail department store and knows how large that store can be. There are so many different department, aisles full of product, and different vendors and price points to choose between these products. How do you get a person who came in for nail clippers interested in going upstairs to look at barbie dolls? How do you get a person who is buying a frozen pot pie to try the vegetarian corn dogs in the next freezer over? The retail department store is full of money making opportunities, so what is the best way in our modern age to get consumers interested in different products throughout the store? Market to them in real time.


Gooee IoT lighting is about to be common place in retail stores equipped with WiFi and bluetooth capabilities that will be able to communicate with smart watches and smart phones in real time. The light sockets also detect light at the same level as the human eye, able to sense and pinpoint a customer within the store, and then send them direct coupons, incentives, and rebates to the products sitting directly in front of or behind them as they move throughout the store. This creates a seamless consumer interaction with the vendors and sales going on in the store and can make it easier for different areas of the store to market to them and encourage the consumer to go there. Genius? We think so!

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