DAMAC Properties Announces New Affordable Housing at Rěva Residences

DAMAC Properties recently announced its latest luxury development. It is named Rěva Residences and it is located in Business Bay. It features luxuriously appointed apartments, both one and two bedrooms, and it overlooks Dubai Canal.

Rěva Residences offers high-end amenities such as a 24/7 concierge. It is located at the center of Dubai and offers what DAMAC Properties calls a lifestyle-focused concept. The one bedroom apartments at this residential tower start at just AED 699,000 as the are priced very affordably for such an exquisite place.

Hussain Sajwani, the owner of DAMAC Properties, has said that he placed the Rěva Residences at Business Bay because that is the heart of the city’s business, entertainment, and leisure neighborhoods. He said that this new development offers amazing views and high-end comforts at a great value proposition. He said that most people expressing interest are those who are upwardly mobile executives or successful young couples who want to live at the center of it all.

As the CEO of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani has led a very successful property development firm for 16 years. His leadership has led DAMAC Properties to be listed in the #1 position on Forbes 2017 Global 2000 list. He also made their list as one of the World’s Richest Arabs in that same year.

Before he was the CEO of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani owned a catering firm that counted among its biggest clients the United States Army. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs. His father owned a retail store in Dubai where he sold goods that he had imported from India. It wasn’t long after completing college that Hussain Sajwani followed in his footsteps and founded that first catering company.

While Hussain Sajwani is kept busy as the CEO of DAMAC Properties, he also makes plenty of time for his family. He is married and they have four children together. His oldest son, Ali Sajwani, works for DAMAC Properties and was recently named as a Middle East Future Stars by one prominent business group in that region of the world.

Boraie Development Changes the Housing Sector in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the densely populated regions in the United States. The crisis of increasing prices in real estate markets seems to be shifting to the city. Zillow, a premier property tracking agency indicates that New Jersey has the highest rates and shares of residential mortgages. Most mortgages in the city are in foreclosure and delinquent. The housing demands in New Jersey are lower than the housing supplies.

However, most towns in New Jersey are gearing up for the developments that will change trends of new apartments. Housing prices have been skyrocketing in the past few months. The apparent accessibility to transit in New Jersey is a recognizable trend in the city’s towns. Each town is minutes away to the New Jersey Transit station, which is an attraction for most prospective home buyers. Economists are hopeful that the real estate market will change due to the high-interest rates expectations and lower housing prices, which will attract more homes coming onto the market shelves. The creation of jobs in NJ will also push up the housing demands. Besides, mortgage rates are relatively low, which makes mortgage credits readily available and ease the boom of housing in NJ.

About Boraie Development

According to WSJ, Boraie Development specializes in designing projects that target attracting financial partners, residents, and tenants who have a long-term commitment to a working relationship. The development and acquisition properties of the company are marketed to cater to the increasing demands of housing properties. Boraie Development is involved in deals that are concerned with master plans and restructuring the finances for development and redevelopment. Boraie Development primarily deals with students housing facilities, retails, residential, and hotel assets.

Sam Boraie considers managing properties a significant element in its strategy. Therefore, the development company creates extra value for all its assets based on its strategies. It has a team of professionals who manage its properties with exceptional and extraordinary details on an ongoing basis. Therefore, it makes Boraie Development the most suitable development firm with a contracting job entailing long-term commitment. Its property management involves various aspects such as customer service, marketing, administrations, accounting, maintenance, and leasing. That explains why Boraie Development has managed to sell more than $150 million in residential and commercial transactions. It has gained trust over the years because its sales division integrates well with its devilment and management of properties with the aim of quickly determining and evaluating the details id development activities. Additionally, Boraie Development is dedicated to employing its visions, capitalism, and reliability to all its projects. You can search him on Yahoo to see more.

Robert Santiago’s Real Estate Property, Manaira Shopping Mall, That Is The Icon Of Urban Entertainment In Brazil.

Robert Santiago is a 58-year-old Brazilian entrepreneur and owner of various modern and high tech buildings such as the Manaira Shopping Center and the Mangabeira. Robert, who was born in Joao Pessoa, earned a name as a leading real estate developer with the launch of the mall which has its location in Paraiba, Brazil. Robert’s main aim of setting up the center was to avail a broad range of entertainment options to natives and tourist visiting the regions. Manaira has a high-end technology, entertainment, and laser reference. Manaira has eleven rooms equipped with urbanized movie techniques, VIP rooms, stadium systems, and 3D rooms. The center has more than stations with high graphic games that suit all types of audiences and tastes. Manaira’s food courts range from simple, fast food options to high-end restaurants such as the Espaco Gourmet, Waynes, and Capital Steakhouse which have sophisticated chefs. Robert included an all-around entertainment range by including a fully equipped gym, house of shows and university branches. In total, Manaira has 280 stores, a 75,000 square meter arena, the Gross Lettable Area which caters to varied needs of individuals and families.

Robert Santiago was born in Brazil and began pursuing his entrepreneurial career when he launched a cartonnage firm at a tender age. The company specialized in designing and producing cardboard that is used to build cartons for use by a group of businesses that needed the supply. Currently, Robert Santiago is an active real estate businessman with a string of urban shopping malls. He bought his first huge piece of land in Joao Pessoa in 1989 and has since developed one of the biggest and most adored shopping centers of the country, Manaira Shopping Mall. The construction of Manaira took two years to complete, since its inception in 2007.

The mall’s key attraction, Domus Hall is located at the top of the building and features famous music shows by artists from around the world. Robert Santiago has stated that he enjoys bringing in local artists to the space, so as to donate back to the community by providing rich cultural experiences to the audience. Santiago is an alumnus of the Pio X Marist College and the University Of Center Of Joao Pessoa, where he earned his degree in Business Administration. Since the launch of the mall, Robert continuously improves the services offered to match up with the rapidly changing technology in the world.

Jason Halpern, the Principal JMH Development

Jason Halpern is an American real estate developer. He was born on January 1, 1975. In 2010, Halpern took control of the family’s business, JMH Development as its Principal. The company has an investment portfolio worth $500 million in New York state projects. One of the biggest projects they were involved in was making 340 luxury apartments out of a warehouse in Brooklyn.

Jason Halpern

JMH Development is a prominent real estate development firm. The company has vast experience in development and ownership of various residential and commercial buildings in America. The company has been a leader in the development of unique and strategically located properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami Beach.

JMH Development is also prominent in the renovation of historical sites and giving them new value. For instance, the company renovated 184 Kent Avenue to provide an additional 340 luxury rental houses in Brooklyn. In 2011, the building received the Building Brooklyn Award for adaptive reuse of raw materials. This was a significant achievement for Halpern and JMH Development Company at large.

Now, JMH is involved in the development of The Townhouses of Cobble Hill. This project includes developing nine luxury townhouses in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. The company has been committed to the development of such high-quality properties in America.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

The company makes use of its professional team at all stages to ensure delivery of high quality work. The team is well informed about the different areas of development and construction processes in the various property segments. The company’s philosophy of historic preservation is seen in its works on adaptive reuse of historic properties.

JMH Development and the Aloft South Beach

On September 15, 2014, PRNewswire reported about the finishing of the Aloft South Beach by Jason Halpern’s JMH Development. The 235-roomed hotel was expected to be opened in 2015 in Miami.

This project involved reuse of the famous Motel Ankara and construction of a new eight-story tower. To accomplish this project, JMH Development partnered with Madden Real Estate Ventures. Plaza Construction and ADD, Inc. was the project’s architect in this construction. South Beach has not seen the opening of a newly constructed hotel since 2009. The hotel offers larger rooms than most of its competitors.

Halpern was quoted saying he was excited about the completion of the project. He has established himself in restoring historic structures. He also said the project marked a significant achievement towards completion and opening of the hotel.

The hotel location will allow easy reach to Lake Pancoast and the Collins Canal. Also, the hotel is located a short distance from Miami Beach Convention Center, the Bass Museum of Art among other important businesses in Miami. Aloft South Beach is therefore at the heart of Miami.

The hotel has an outdoor pool, a roof deck lounge, a fitness center opened throughout and ample space for business or social meetings. The hotel’s customers will enjoy performances from emerging artists and hot bands.

Hotel Real Estate and Terry Baltes

When you think of real estate and hospitality, and even combine them, you may think of numerous names and brands within the business. This is not uncommon. Among many, do remember that of Terry Baltes, who is the founder and owner of Baltes Commercial Realty.

Baltes Commercial Realty is a co-star group power broker business firm based out of Dayton, Ohio. Here is where Mr. Baltes resides as well. They firmly believe in the power and effect of customer and client satisfaction—-for continued business and growth in any real estate and/or hospitality sector.

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