JD.com Cashes In With Record Breaking Singles Day Festival


JD.com has surpassed yet another milestone as they have cashed in with over 23 billion in dollars during November 1-11, which was called the Singles Day Shopping Festival.


JD.com is an online website created by Jingdong that offers people many different products to buy such as electronics, beauty products, and much more. Over time, JD has been able to expand and prosper as a result of more people using their service to buy items online and have it delivered quickly to their homes. JD.com offers people a unique and easy experience to shop without having to leave home.


The brand worked with other retailers to reach the high amount over the period. Many customers used JD.com to shop for their products as they had many available for whatever was needed. The company believes that they offer customers items at a good price as many well-known brands like Apple, Pampers, and others saw the surge occur. Products from all around the world such as Germany, Japan, the US, and more were popular during the time. Not only is JD.com selling electronics and other items, but also food, which was big as people bought more than “29,500 tons” of food compared to last year. See This Page to learn more.


Overall, the company sold more than 400 million products and food over the 11-day period. Home furnishings, electronics, phones, and mobile appliances were also in abundance and saw an increase. Many stores are using the same technology that JD.com uses, about “600,000”. They are also doing a great activity to help people get out more by partnering with other businesses to allow customers to get points for walking to stores.


These points that are earned can then be used to get products and prizes. Many stores partnered with JD to do it. JD.com also opened a 7FRESH store, which is a fresh food supermarket and it has been met with early success. Dr. Jianwen Liao, who is the chief officer of JD.com, plans to help retailers and expand their presence, along with giving customers excellent service and providing whatever they need to be ordered online.


Source Article: http://jdcorporateblog.com/


The RealReal Is Expanding To Include Brick And Mortar Locations

In a recent article posted in the New Yorker, the secondhand online store The RealReal is discussed and what makes it a unique idea in the online retail world. The RealReal takes extraordinary steps to endure the authenticity of their secondhand luxury items. Some of the brands they offer include Hermes Birkin, Gucci, Prada, and more. Now, however, they have added a brock and mortar location to their company, which is located in SoHo. Recently they held a workshop where several handbags claiming to be Birkin authentics were passed around for inspection. The experts holding the workshop explained that several things can red flag a handbag as fake. For instance, the smoothness of the movement in the latch, or even the smell of the leather is a giveaway. The experts at The RealReal are experts in their field with extensive experience authenticating luxury brand items. This is one of the ways that the company can offer their customers top of the line items for a fraction of their original cost while ensuring the customer gets what they are paying for.

The idea for The RealReal is the brainchild of CEO and founder Julie Wainwright. She saw a gap in the market that would support a niche company that can supply high-quality luxury brands to the everyday person for prices that are affordable without sacrificing quality. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the consignment market and have currently raised $123 million in funding, and are campaigning to raise an additional $50 million to expand their market. Experts say that they have plenty of room for growth and expect to see an increase in revenue in the coming years.

Currently, Julie Wainwright is planning to open an additional set of brick and mortar locations to help attract attention to the brand and give potential customers a chance to see the products up close so they can make a more informed decision about the company’s offerings. These marketing tactics can help increase customer satisfaction and allow the company to be more interactive with their customer base.