Keith and Keely Mann Send Students To College

If you had one wish what would it be? As a high school senior my one and only wish is to attend college. See I come from a family line of great men and women who were smart and worked hard but never had the means necessary to go out and pursue a college education. Sure, they had the book smarts to be successful in college but for some reason they were never able to afford it or pull he resources together quick enough to be able to apply it to their college education and I always vowed I would.

I vowed that I would get my undergraduate degree for my grandmother, I vowed that I would get my masters degree for my aunt and I vowed I would get my PHD for my uncle who dreamed of one day being a PHD but could never get the scholarships necessary to go back to school. I dreamed of doing this for my family. The sad reality though was I didn’t have the money necessary either to be able to pursue my dreams and Keith Mann saved my life. Recently, this couple announced that they would be presenting the first ever Keith and Keely Mann scholarship. This scholarship was created for Uncommon School students who write an essay about the value of this scholarship will be to their college education. All students must be rising seniors and must apply before the application deadline. While there is no guarantee that this scholarship is mine I am excited for an opportunity to finally be able to follow my dreams.

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Making Events A Success

A little boy named Teddy recently had his first birthday party with a farm theme. One of the designers from Twenty Three Layers, an event planning service in New York, captured pictures of the event for her baby so that others could see how adorable the theme is for children. When guests enter the party area, they see a large table with a red and white checkered tablecloth. Small red tables sit around the table with baskets of apples in the center.

The dessert table is set up with food that features a farm theme as well as a few decorations that go along with the theme as well. Wooden crates adorn the corners of the tables while milk cans and wheelbarrows sit in the center, holding treats for the children. Small mason jars hold strawberry cheesecake. Candy apples, small apple pies and other foods with apples are served at the party. Treat bags include a few chocolate chip cookies. When children sit at the table to eat, they will have a little basket with an apple cookie and a napkin that is wrapped and tied with a piece of rope.

All of the items on the table and along the walls have a farm theme. There is even a small wagon with a bale of hay for children to sit on so that pictures can be made. A highchair is decorated with a red bandana. Each aspect of the event is easy to put together with a little help from Twenty Three Layers and the ideas that they present.

Twenty Three Layers is a company that helps with all kinds of events, such as birthday parties and weddings. The company wants to give all events the dazzle that they deserve. Creators focus on the unique aspects of what is desired by the guest of honor as well as the person who is hosting the event.

The company works with some of the lavish companies in the world in order to get the best decorations and supplies that are needed to design the best event possible. There are several designers who work together to come up with ideas. Each person has something to offer, ranging from designing a menu to coming up with entertainment.