Doug Levitt Unveils The Ordinary American Lost To The City Life

Doug Levitt is an inspirational artist who has traversed nearly 70,000 miles across America to understand the country like few ever try to understand. Using the traditional means of transport, the Greyhound Bus, Doug Levitt spent almost 7 years journeying along with fellow Americans. Over the years, he has compiled amazing stories of love, struggle and human resistance that he could not do as a singer. His experience and memories of the trip will be on display at The Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage, where Doug will sing these stories and share pictures from his journey.

Born and raised in Washington D.C., Dough attended the area’s finest public schools. His parents had a political background, which provided Dough several opportunities to socialize. However, Dough always wanted to understand ordinary Americans. ,Perhaps the only way to share true feelings was to get away from the city life. As a result, Dough relinquished a potentially lucrative post with CNN to fulfill his dream.

In a recent interview, he elaborated on his experience in the Greyhound Bus by recalling how he was able to meet new people who were just struggling to live their lives. Actually, the experience was in a stark contrast to stories of American dream, which he was used to hear in his high-school. As one of the most developed countries in the world, people living in large American cities often forget that there are Millions of Americans who are still living in poverty. Unfortunately, the media do not share their stories because Americans have become accustomed to hype and drama. Somehow, the ordinary American using the Greyhound Bus is lost in the media frenzy.

To commemorate lives of ordinary Americans, Doug will be perform in Washington D.C. hoping to raise awareness of the grief and struggle that is often hidden from the general public. According to Doug Levitt, the experience has also helped him cope with his own grief because his father had committed suicide. In fact, it was also a journey to understand the suicide of his father and to look at the world through the eye of fellow Greyhound travelers.

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