Why The Brown Modeling Agency is the Best

Austin, Texas is famous for many things, but one thing it is not famous for is modeling and fashion. However, the trend is beginning to change. With the introduction of a Formula 1 circuit and its association with fashion and luxury it has evoked a new interest and enthusiasm in modeling, acting and fashion designing.

One of the few modeling agencies that understood Austin’s potential to be a fashion destination was Wilhelmina Austin now known as the Brown Modeling Agency. Its founder and CEO Justin Brown saw Austin’s potential and began his agency from scratch.


At the young age of 18, Justin left his Nevada home and traveled to Southern California where he believed his modeling career could evolve. Justin Brown began his career in the fashion industry as a male model during his college days. He studied business management and as a young entrepreneur and model with extensive experience and knowledge of the modeling world he eventually started his own agency, JB Models and Talent licensed under the prominent Wilhelmina National Agency.


In just a few years Justin grew the Wilhelmina Brown Company into the largest and most respected modeling talent agencies in Texas. As Wilhelmina grew so did a similar agency called Heyman Talent-South, which was the largest acting talent agency in Austin. In 2015, Justin decided to purchase and merge Wilhelmina and Heyman into one talent agency with an extremely broad portfolio of career opportunities to choose from. The new company is The Brown Agency. With Justin Brown at the helm it now manages over 450 individuals and their various acting, modeling and theatrical careers.


Michael B. Bonnee is the founder of Heyman Talent-South and remains as the director of the theatrical division of The Brown Agency. Today, The Brown Agency’s models can be found on the Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and thousands of large brands including, Luis Vuitton, L’Oreal and Toyota.


A proud town that sticks to traditions and its local culture has started to evolve into a prominent fashion capital of America. Justin’s modeling days in New York and Los Angeles helped him create relationships with prominent agencies on the coasts that hired his models and helped Justin’s company grow.


Justin is a humble man that says his company is only as good as its talent, which is a vision that drives his career. Recently, The Brown Agency and its models threw a fashion party for the Austin Formula 1 race. This propelled The Brown Agency into the limelight and gained it international recognition. Justin can be proud to say his company is now the most respected talent agency in Texas and the only one that offers all services and training. Check out their Instagram page.