Cotemar Slashes its Workforce

Cotemar is currently one of the biggest institutions that provides petroleum products in Mexico. The company was founded many years ago, and it has grown significantly since then. Cotemar has been giving job opportunities to thousands of people in Mexico. This year, the company has disappointed its consumers when it announced that it was going to lay off some employees. According to news from the successful institution, the individuals affected by the change will be announced soon.


Cotemar has decided to reduce the number of its employees due to the decreased petroleum prices around the globe. There have been several discoveries of oil fields in many parts of the world, and this has severely affected the prices of most of the petroleum products. The top management in the organization says that the plan to lay off the workers will change all the departments in Cotemar. Construction workers, ship captains and the chefs in different departments are expected to experience the new change.


Since it was established many years ago, Cotemar has always had one major client. At the moment, the company’s leading client is Pemex, a powerful state-owned organization that has been working with Cotemar for several years. Cotemar has always preferred to have just one client, but experts say that this method is not advisable. According to them, the one client technique makes the company vulnerable to most of the challenges in the international energy market.


Not long ago, Pemex announced that it had decided to cancel one contract with Cotemar. The single contract led to the laying off of over two thousand individuals in the country. Cotemar seems to be a complicated matter, but it has promised to work hard to improve the situation. Most of the organizations in the oil market have been affected by the historical changes that have taken place in the industry.


Pemex is planning to decommission two more rigs in the future, according to reliable sources. Three more rigs will also be removed from the fleet of the company in the future, and this means that more employees at Cotemar will be laid off.

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