International Economist Christian Broda

Christian Broda is a New York City based economist and fiscal professional. He has a long standing interest in the field of macroeconomics and the ways in which such markets can influence policy making decisions both at home and in nations around the world as well. Broda is a professional economist with many fields of interest. His work has focused on varied disciplines of economics including international trade, financial economics and development economics. Broda has helped clients around the world figure out which particular economic solutions are right for their needs. He has also helped his clients determine how to best to navigate the confusing world of economics and make sense of the many factors that govern national and international trading decisions. As a result of his assistance, he has many important clients who are happy to tap into his base of knowledge when making important decisions about economic policy.

His Written Work

His wok has appeared in many places including the impressive American Economic Review as well as the the Quarterly Journal of Economics, The Oxford Journals and the highly prestigious Journal of International Economics. As a result of his findings and his background, Broda has been invited to speak in many important economic venues around the world. Many clients have found his talks extremely useful and insightful. Christian Broda has also taught at various universities around the nation and internationally to rapt audiences. His close reading of the present day markets have been instrumental in helping to guide his clients and his students to a better understanding of the present day market place and the factors that may influence movement in one direction or another.



Technical Highlights for 2015 Shown in the Annual Slyce Inc Report

Within the report featured on the Yahoo Finance website their were a number of technical highlights that are worth mentioning. Slyce Inc is a company that always innovates and 2015 is no different. However they focus more on the stability of their existing platform they also added onto this with very innovative features which continues to make their offering very attractive for the retailer and its customers. The visual search platform which is at the core of their offerings has been thoroughly tested and made as stable as possible to make it functional in all possible scenarios. They also managed to simplify the integration of this visual search platform with other platforms that the retailer has. This is supposed to make on-boarding much simpler and reduce the efforts of synchronization with customers and their platforms. The bulk of this was achieved through the expansion of automation of various product feeds as well as packaging their products in a way that enabled various capabilities.

One of the technology achievements was the Universal Scanner which was officially launched on the 5th of October 2015. This launch was part of the new group of mobile visual search products that were created by Slyce Inc. The core of this new group is the Universal Scanner. This was an integrated solution which allowed the customer to capture any type of object wether this was a physical object, bar-codes or non watermarked printed material such as catalogues, in-store signage and flyers. This feature was integrated within the retailer application as a native software development kit. It was made available for both iOS and Android users giving the solution huge versatility as all platforms could take advantage of it. All the user requires is a single camera interface on the mobile device and this will allow for any type of detection.