Managing Finance and The Legal Field

Sam Tabar is currently the Chief Operating Officer at FullyCycle Energy Fund and is a noted capital strategist. He is an expert in fund management. Sam has a long experience in the field of resource management and has worked with some of the brilliant banks all across America. He was the former Director and Head of Capital Strategy of Merril Lynch which is a Bank of America. Here, Sam helped the fund managers in understanding better about institutional investors like endowments, foundations, pensions, etc.

Apart from Fund Management, Sam Tabar is also a legal expert with elite law degrees from Oxford University and the Columbia School of Law. He was also the editor of the Columbia Business Law Journal. He has successfully managed hedge funds from many Asian companies. Sam has also worked with PMA investment Advisors LTD, Hong Kong. There, he was involved in the formulation o asset making strategies which later ended up to be lucrative for the company.

Sam has also been the Managing Director and Co – Head of Business Development for SPARX Group CO. /PMA Investment Advisors.

Sam Tabar is also a private venture capitalist. He has made a substantial investment in THINX which is involved in supporting women in African and Asian countries. He has also been an attorney for many economic giants like Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Roth & Zabel. When he was working in Skadden, then he successfully counseled a large number of clients on hedge fund and its formation and structure, side letters, employment suggestions, investment management intricacies, regulatory and compliance issues. Sam also efficiently managed all the universal marketing strategy of the company. However, he left Skadden in August 2014.

During his long, bright career, Sam has worked extensively in a number of countries and has learnt several languages. Apart from English, he is fluent in Japanese and French. He is also a current member of the New York Bar Association. In FullCycle Energy Fund, Sam’s primary role is to be involved in capital raising programs. He will also be responsible for the legal, operational and tax related issues of the company.