EOS? More Like, Oh Yes!

Many people around the world like to look their best, whether it’s for themselves or another. We like to focus around the “money maker“, commonly known as the face. The face tells a lot about you, such as, how tired you are and even how hydrated you could be. EOS likes to focus on the covering of the glamorous smile you show off while you talk, smile, and even laugh.

EOS lip balms makes using balms as easy as 1, 2, 3, with their simple design and shape of their product. A lot of lip balms want you to stick your finger inside, repetitively to get the product out and leave your finger feeling disgusting. Instead of using a chap stick that you have to twist and cap closed, potentially squishing part of the product in the cap, EOS actually allows its circular shape to protrude neatly. This design (see: http://www.ulta.com/smooth-sphere-lip-balm?productId=xlsImpprod3490245) allows you to keep exactly what you paid for and it’s more fun to swipe, click, and slip away into your bag.

EOS Lip Balm is created by Fast Company, who took advantage of simplifying a product to fit right into your beauty regimen. EOS comes in many colors and flavors, allowing not only your lips to have fun, but you as well. No one will be able to look at those lips and tell how much water you didn’t drink or shake your hand only to get a waxy slip of the hand. Instead you’ll have that confident, hydrated look, you have been searching for up and down aisles.

These lip balms sell at the price of $3 on Racked and their variety gives you a chance to search for your own style. For more information on the history of EOS Lip Balms, you can go to Fast Company’s website.