Richard Liu Qiangdong: Taking Over The World With is now one of the most successful online shopping platforms that are based in China – and they also have one of the most interesting histories as a brand. is run by a genius Chief Executive Officer named Richard Liu Qiangdong.

Richard Liu Qiangdong did not come from a rich family, nor was he born with a silver spoon. Richard Liu Qiangdong worked his way up of the ladder and the hurdles that he encountered that he has become a person of resilience, courage and tenacity. Richard Liu Qiangdong is probably one of the most hardworking people in the industry – and this is because of his valuable experiences growing up.

When Richard Liu Qiangdong was studying in his tertiary learning institute and while he was working on his Master’s Degree, he was also self-teaching himself the science of programming which has undoubtedly helped his online shopping platform ventures. One of the biggest hurdles that Richard Liu Qiangdong has jumped over is that when her grandmother was sick, their family wasn’t able to provide the proper health care and buy her the medicine that she needs because of their financial situation – and he has helped his family get through this obstacle. Get More Information Here.

And probably one of the worst and simultaneously the best that has happened to Richard and his business was the SARS Epidemic back in 2003 – the epidemic has damaged Richard Liu Qiangdong’s brick and mortar stores because of the viral nature of the epidemic, and with this hurdle, Richard Liu Qiangdong redirected his business to the online world. He turned what seemed to be a very unfortunate event to an opportunity to excel and to evolve his business into the modern world.

Richard Liu Qiangdong, along with’s consistent excellent and marvelous track record – they have been reeling in a lot of investors and they have gotten the trust of very big companies like Google, Tencent and Walmart.

At this point, there is nowhere but upwards and onwards for – a company that only used to sell magneto-optical wear in his brick and mortar stores to selling a wide variety of products to the whole world. And this is because of the genius of Richard Liu Qiangdong.


Source Article:’s Cloud Native Open Source Technology Usage Earns It An Award

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) recently presented China’s largest retailer, with the Top End User Award. The Chinese retailer was present this award thanks to their usage and significant contribution to CNCF,s cloud-native open source projects. CNCF is the leading open source community committed to Kubernetes.


Additionally, the community is dedicated to cloud-native software stocks and complementary technologies. The community recently held Kubecon + CloudNativeCon conference – China’s first – in Shangai. The conference brought together thousands of end-users and technologists to share the future and sustainability of open source technology development. It was during this conference that was awarded the Top End User Award.


The ultimate e-commerce experience has been very focused on providing the best e-commerce experience to its customers. This endeavor requires the company to be able to process vast amounts of information and make it available for its customers at fast speeds. With the e-commerce platform’s expansion, the more processing power the company needed to meet its client’s expectations. In just five years, the company’s databases comprised of nearly two billion images. Today, that number has significantly grown to more than one trillion. This number keeps rising by about 100 million every day. To handle all of this demand for processing power, adopted CNCF’s Kubernetes project which was able to keep up with the massive demand.


Stronger collaborative relationships


Currently, the e-commerce platform operates the world’s largest Kubernetes cluster in its production. The clusters have grown significantly since the introduction of containerized infrastructure some years back. was among the early adopters of the Kubernetes project in a move known as JDOS 2.0. This was the first step in the 1000-mile collaborative relationship between the e-commerce platform and CNCF. See This Article for additional information.


This collaborative partnership brought together some of the industry’s leading developers, end users, and vendors in an effort to improve the project. This April, became the first platinum end user of CNCF’s Kubernetes project. The collaboration between the two parties has brought a lot of benefits to both of them. It’s due to’s commitment here that they were awarded this particular award.


See Also: Cashes In With Record Breaking Singles Day Festival has surpassed yet another milestone as they have cashed in with over 23 billion in dollars during November 1-11, which was called the Singles Day Shopping Festival. is an online website created by Jingdong that offers people many different products to buy such as electronics, beauty products, and much more. Over time, JD has been able to expand and prosper as a result of more people using their service to buy items online and have it delivered quickly to their homes. offers people a unique and easy experience to shop without having to leave home.


The brand worked with other retailers to reach the high amount over the period. Many customers used to shop for their products as they had many available for whatever was needed. The company believes that they offer customers items at a good price as many well-known brands like Apple, Pampers, and others saw the surge occur. Products from all around the world such as Germany, Japan, the US, and more were popular during the time. Not only is selling electronics and other items, but also food, which was big as people bought more than “29,500 tons” of food compared to last year. See This Page to learn more.


Overall, the company sold more than 400 million products and food over the 11-day period. Home furnishings, electronics, phones, and mobile appliances were also in abundance and saw an increase. Many stores are using the same technology that uses, about “600,000”. They are also doing a great activity to help people get out more by partnering with other businesses to allow customers to get points for walking to stores.


These points that are earned can then be used to get products and prizes. Many stores partnered with JD to do it. also opened a 7FRESH store, which is a fresh food supermarket and it has been met with early success. Dr. Jianwen Liao, who is the chief officer of, plans to help retailers and expand their presence, along with giving customers excellent service and providing whatever they need to be ordered online.


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