How IAP Worldwide is Expanding Capabilities and Overcoming Limits

IAP Worldwide Services is a leading facilities management and global-scale logistics provider with advanced technical and professional services. As explained on their online profile, the company boasts of over 200 employees and the number is growing each day due to the many opportunities that are created in the course of implementing certain processes.

IAP Worldwide is available in more than 25 countries and has been solving problems in the private and public sectors.  Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

The company engages the unexpected and tackles technical issues in a professional manner. It does not matter whether it’s a natural disaster or a call for assistance, IAP Worldwide will show up with an experienced team to intervene with solutions. This allows them to work with complicated and technical equipment that are suited for challenging tasks in various settings.

Network and communication
IAP Worldwide services provides IT solutions in various industries. These solutions include network upgrades and new installations. The company also offers support and future upgrades to the companies they work for. Their tools represent the latest technology to ensure a seamless communication infrastructure is installed.

Among the capabilities that define IAP Worldwide is the ability to build border protection communication systems and special facilities in austere places for monitoring. They also provide high-tech encryption and tools for authentication of information networks.

Custom-engineered infrastructure
Prior to making installations, IAP Worldwide Services invites their customers to deliberate and to help them to meet their pressing needs. The company can seamlessly plug into existent systems or install new ones from the basics. IAP Worldwide utilizes visual assessments, design and engineering services, impact studies and modeling to create accurate projects that are aimed at catering for the needs of their clients.

Each new project is an improvement on the design and innovation, so they put effort to produce unique projects from information gained through impact studies for environmental protection, which helps to ensure both the client and the community are taken care of while implementing the project.  Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: and

Health and emergency services
IAP Worldwide also offers support to employees to protect them from volatile conditions. The company works with a full-time team that offers 24-hour security for guests and wellness facilities.

Growth and strategy
The company, since inception in 1953, has acquired several other companies in a bid to satisfy its agenda for expansion and growth. In 2015, IAP Worldwide acquired DRS Technologies, which is a company that deals with aviation and logistics. This acquisition has expanded the delivery capacity of the company by more than twice, explains an article posted on PR Newswire.