Wirth’s Appointment as Chairman of RASC a Bright Move for RASC

With Andy Wirth’s election as Chairman of Reno- Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation, the future looks bright. Wirth has served as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and has been instrumental in promoting the company as a top tourist destination in the world. His services, however, extend beyond the business world. He has been actively involved in environmental and community service, especially around Lake Tahoe. One of Wirth’s key commitments has been to raise funds for the Navy Seal Foundation. Having faced a near fatal accident, Wirth created the “Wounded Warrior Support,” an organization that supports special operations for members of the Navy SEAL Foundation once they return home.

While accepting his appointment as chairperson of the RASC on January 16, 2016, Andy Wirth stated his belief in the opportunity that the area around Lake Tahoe offers to air service providers. He emphasized that providing this service was going to be central to the business activities of the firm. As chairperson of RASC board of trustees, Wirth will be mandated with the task of promoting air service into the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Already equipped with vast experience in development of airports and air service, Andrew Mirth seems ready for the task. Previously, Wirth was instrumental in securing air services to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport with JetBlue service and Alaska Airlines service. The election of two other seasoned members, Kimberlee Tolkien and Andy Chapman, in to the board of trustees should come as a huge boost for Wirth.

Formed in June 2001, RASC has been instrumental in assisting the Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RTIA) to provide other incentives that help attract and maintain air service to the region around Reno Tahoe. The corporation also unites public and private organizations to enhance the Reno-Tahoe area as an attractive tourist destination all year round. Currently, the air service works with airlines to encourage direct flights to Boise, Orange County, and Idaho among other destinations.





Hotel Real Estate and Terry Baltes

When you think of real estate and hospitality, and even combine them, you may think of numerous names and brands within the business. This is not uncommon. Among many, do remember that of Terry Baltes, who is the founder and owner of Baltes Commercial Realty.

Baltes Commercial Realty is a co-star group power broker business firm based out of Dayton, Ohio. Here is where Mr. Baltes resides as well. They firmly believe in the power and effect of customer and client satisfaction—-for continued business and growth in any real estate and/or hospitality sector.

Speaking of which, it brings to mind a most interesting online news article which was published just earlier on July the 13th of this year…..by none other than Live Trading News itself. The author and writer was Shayne Heffernan. I will briefly recap and summarize what was discussed.