Preventative Health: What Do I Need To Know?

Often times, diseases can be present in someone without that person exhibiting any physical symptoms. This means, that despite feeling healthy overall doesn’t quite mean you’re immune to common health problems. Identifying your risk for these diseases and taking preventative care can mean less doctor visits and more confidence in your healthcare. With so many different preventative services around, and not really knowing what you should be looking out for, taking preventative caution when making healthcare decisions can seem a little more difficult than the idea itself.

Lifeline Screening, a company that has helped over 8 million people since 1996, offers several, in-depth screenings to help identify common risk factors that could lead to health problems later on. Lifeline offers services in almost all US states and holds hundreds of events every year. These screenings are non-invasive, performed by highly trained technicians, and all results are confirmed by a board-certified physician.

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From there, these results will give you and your doctor a current status of your health and notify you of current health risks. Having this information at your disposal can greatly aide you and your doctor in the important decision making process that will affect your health. Lifeline Screening makes it easy and extremely accessible to receive quality, in-depth, and thorough screenings almost anywhere in the country.

Lifeline also offers a unique line of corporate wellness events suited for any size business, as well as organizations. These events provide the clients with an environment to become educated on health and wellness as well as encouragement to become proactive about managing their health and well-being.

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Nathaniel Ru – article recap

When Nathaniel Ru opened his first Sweetgreen store at the 28th Street and Broadway in the chic Nomad neighborhood in New York City, he knew that his store would succeed because Nathaniel had done his homework. Offering a fast casual healthy food experience, the store is located away from the standard strip and fast casual stores on the 23rd Street. The reason for the location is unique demographics of his clients.


In fact, the typical client of the chain store is not Big Apple visitor or professionals who come out to these stores for lunch. Instead the client of Sweetgreen is characterized as locals who want healthy food three times a day. These customers are willing to wait in line for 15 minutes to get their hands on a healthy proportion of food that does not make you hungry after 45 minutes. As a result, potential customers continue to flock to the store in search of new ingredients.


Commenting on the reasons of his success, Nathaniel outlined that his company always uses fresh ingredients that are supplied daily to the local chains. In order to make the business model a success, the management visits local farms before opening an outlet in a particular area. They painstakingly discuss the supply chain and factors that can make it easier for the supplier to deliver healthy food in time before the store opens to the general public.


To market their approach, the company does not tell customers how they do it. Instead, they provide a glimpse of the supply chain in their stores through an open kitchen and a personalized service. As soon as the customer walks in the store, they are greeted by a fresh smell of food. When the wait time is over, a dedicated server presents the food to the customer and walks through the meal preparation process until the customer is satisfied. The entire process only takes 2 to 3 minutes, which is just enough for raising awareness and increasing customer satisfaction. In addition to the healthy food and generous quantity, the value is further enhanced by reasonable prices.


Sweetgreen also knows how to turn an average visitor to a loyal customer because it rotates its menu several times during a year. Fresh ingredients are introduced by adding healthy foods that are otherwise ignored by mass market healthy food chains. Giving an example of such novel ingredients, Nathaniel explained that they recently convinced a local farmer in California to sell Broccoli leaves surrounding the crown. These leaves are tastier and nutritional than most of the lettuce produced in California.


Using these tactics, Sweetgreen has expanded its presence to 64 stores in the United States. There are approximately 1,700 employees working in its store. Recently, the company has extended into lifestyle space, philanthropy, and technology sectors.




Green Living With Nathaniel Rue And Company

Nathaniel Ru is a holder of a BS in finance from the Georgetown University, McDonald School of Business. Upon his graduation in 2007, Ru and his fellow two grandaunts established Sweetgreen, a restaurant whose mandate is to provide sustainable and local foods. They started out in Georgetown, and now it has expanded to 27 locations in six states and plans for further expansions are underway. They believe that the community needs to eat delicious, healthy, and eco-friendly dining options and that is how they came up with Sweetgreen. They are passionate about food and offer budget-friendly rates.


The three are behind Sweetlife, a festival they started in 2010 and features food and music shows in the region. Sweetlife attracts over 20,000 fans and features both high profile and cutting-edge music artists. Also, they provide food by renowned chefs, local farmers, purveyors, and food trucks. Sweetlife just like Sweetgreen embrace healthy living, sustainability, community, and well-being. The Sweetlife experience gives people the chance to learn everything about green living and eating.



Learning on the Job


When Nathaniel Ru and his two friends Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet started Sweetgreen, they had no experience. However, they began to understand the importance of value-driven business. They learned the influence of a community’s culture on their brand. Reflecting on their values, these entrepreneurs still ensure they incorporate community service into their company. Still, in 2010 they launched Sweetgreen in schools to educate the children about healthy living and nutrition through different hands-on activities and seminars. The program is now a big hit across Columbia, Maryland, New York, and Virginia.



Impacting the Community Positively


A lot has happened since these three men started out at Georgetown many years ago. The amount of healthy living options on campus has improved. They hope that the community continues to build upon that progress and invest in more alternative eating habits. Their desire is to see students and schools begin to gain proper knowledge and understand the importance of healthy living and sustainable lifestyle. The trio fell they have a responsibility to offer education and access to local, healthy options. They have a lifetime of success and opportunity ahead of them if the trajectory of the past years is any indication.


The Sweetgreen is a brand and has continued to receive press accolades including the Washington Post, Bloomberg, USA Today CNBC, and Food & Wine among others. Also, Ru and his friends have features in Forbes’ 30 under 30 and Wine’s Magazine’s Food Thinker’s 40 and Under.




Cleanse Your Life For A Healthier You


Each snack, sip, and slurp has an effect on your body and the way it works. Everything we do either helps our functions run smoother or it piles up substances and clogs our normal processes. There comes a point where the body begins to slow and the effects of toxicity are felt. This is when a cleanse comes in handy.


A cleanse is a way of safely removing the toxic waste that has accumulated in your body. Everything from your immune system, to your circulatory system, and especially your digestive system are affected by a buildup of pollutants left behind by bad eating habits, poor air quality, and any other interactions you may have with daily toxins. By cleansing your body of this unnecessary accumulation, you can experience a life of better digestion, more efficient bodily processes, and even a renewed sense of energy. has just what you need to do away with this toxic plug.


Within each system in your body, routine maintenance is required.’s cleanses can help you clear out blockages in your lungs, liver, kidneys, intestinal tracts, and more according to Yelp reviewers. Clear your skin, lose excess weight, fortify your immune system, regulate your bowel movements, increase your libido and so much more by ridding your body of potentially harmful buildup. A cleanse can free your body of everything weighing it down and unleash a healthier, more alive version of you.


Using a series of supplements, an outlined regimen, and healing practices, can have you on your way to a life of invigorating health and wellness, something TrustPilot noted in their review. Target your blood and lymphatic system; cardiovascular system; liver and gallbladder; lungs and respiratory system; kidneys, bladder, and adrenals; and colon and digestive tract all together or individually. You choose the course in which you want to take your health, one treatment option at a time.


Heal your body from within while also changing your mind, diet, and way of life to one that is refreshed and alive. Learn to live a healthful life that will keep your processes running in top shape. A smoother life can be in your near future.  But join in on the culture too, including their Facebook fan community, and the following they’ve developed on Tumblr.  These are important ways to stay motivated, and to check out unique ways that the cleanse can benefit your overall health.