How InnovaCare Health and Penelope Kokkinides are Transforming Healthcare Service Through the implementation of Affordable Payment Options

InnovaCare Health’s reputation as a leading Medicaid service provider remains unrivaled. Since its inception, the company has consistently grown by leaps and bounds to develop value-based models to provide limitless opportunities for high-quality services and professional workmanship. As a testament to their expertise, the company has consistently leveraged its operational and administrative expertise to harness creativity and innovation tailored to meet customers’ needs.


Founded in 1998 by its innovative and ambitious CEO, Richard Shinto, the healthcare enterprise has undoubtedly lived up to its expectation by pushing the boundaries for knowledge acquisition and patient satisfaction. At its core, InnovaCare Health strives at harnessing a physician-led business model. Organizational structures are uniquely tailored at empowering physicians with a voice to participate and contribute to a multitude of research ventures. Often, the enterprise conducts meetings and training sessions with advisory boards to identify challenges and their subsequent solutions. Check out



What Initiative Did InnovaCare Health Join to Reform Payment Methods?


InnovaCare Health recently grabbed the headlines after participating in the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). The LAN essentially refers to a public-private partnership that aims at transforming the U.S. health system towards a quality-based model as opposed to the quantity version. As a newly inducted LAN member, InnovaCare Health strives at realigning its goals by providing affordable and quality-based payment options to its diverse clientele.


According to InnovaCare Health’s CEO, Rick Shinto, the announcement denotes the company’s unrivaled commitment to propelling the healthcare industry to greater heights. Developed by HHS in 2015, the LAN initiative strives at providing patients with unbiased access to health care that’s affordable, coordinated and innovative. With over 100 partners from the public, non-profit and private sector, the Learning and Action Network looks forward to an even brighter and prosperous future.


Penelope Kokkinides’ Ideamensch Interview


As InnovaCare Health’s current Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides offers a unique perspective on her position in the highly successful business. With over two decades worth of experience, Penelope Kokkinides brings on board a wealth in health expertise and experience coupled with a knack for improving organizational infrastructures and inefficiencies.


How Are Ideas Brought To Life?


With a seasoned team of experts at her disposal, Penelope Kokkinides is privileged to brainstorm creative ideas as well as implementing them with precision. Not only is the unique synergy crucial in delivering beyond expectation but also in realizing dreams to fruition.


One Strategy That Has Helped Her Grow In Business


Penelope Kokkinides credits practicing structured organization as a crucial factor in completing tasks with finesse.


Recommended Piece of Advice to Every Entrepreneur


As an expert in her field, the creative Chief Administrative Officer advises upcoming entrepreneurs to stay informed on emerging trends in the industry. From reading various publications to participation in research pitches, she firmly believes that entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to realize their optimal potential. You can visit




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Shafik Sachedina: 25 Years Of Excellence

Shafik Sachedina and partner Shariz Boghani along with Amanda Morgan-Taylor are celebrating 25 of Sussex Healthcare being a wonderful place for the elderly and disabled. Although she just came on in March, Morgan-Taylor believes in going beyond when it comes to getting quality healthcare. This is the best and biggest healthcare network in the U.K. with approximately 20 facilities.

These three have plenty to celebrate including the opening of a new state of the art gym. Seniors and the disabled can come to enjoy a workout that fits their needs and soak in hot tub after to relax their soar muscles. Shafik Sachedina practiced dentistry, so understanding patient needs is his area of expertise. He is the reason Sussex has the training academy and caregivers are required to really interact to get to know the patients. This helps to stimulate their minds plus slow down the effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Amanda Morgan-Taylor is the Chief Executive Officer and wanted to improve on an already excellent system. It does not hurt to want more improvements.

Shafik Sachedina is also partly responsible for helping to create the academy that trains the employees on how to care for the patients that call Sussex home. This is one of the perks for working at this company. If the staff looks to advance to a promotion, they can take other courses at the academy, which gives them hands on experience on top of what they already know. This allows them to gain a foot into the healthcare industry. With 20 different locations, there is plenty of work to be done in bringing quality care to the patients and having the adequate and professional staff helps. Shafik Sachedina used his expertise in dentistry to shape the importance of how a caregiver is to take care of a patient.

Sussex Healthcare is a successful company. It came from being one facility to being 20 with several locations and a brand new gym. This is what 25 years of excellence looks like. A large healthcare network that cares about the seniors and the disabled is truly magnificent.

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