Herbalife Is Into Fashion And Fitness

Herbalife Nutrition, the world-renowned diet, and fitness supplement company, continues to help its customers feel good and look good, too. The company is based in Los Angeles and has partnered with the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising to encourage student creativity by presenting a fashion challenge. Fifteen students were chosen to create and design a unique line of activewear that will carry the Herbalife brand. Starting the new school year off with a bang, this challenge is specific to the Advanced Study Program, and the International Manufacturing and Product Development.


The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise students who will be participating in the design challenge for Herbalife will form different teams to design activewear and build a collection geared to an active and healthy lifestyle. When the students present their creations, they are to include fabric, color, theme, production, and strategies for sourcing. They will be presenting to the Herbalife team and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising family members. They will also need to demonstrate how the individual student plans to market the designed collection.


The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is among the highest rated fashion and design schools in the world and is the top choice for this partnership with Herbalife Nutrition. This particular Advanced Study Program project has begun and will continue until the spring of 2019. FIDM has been working in partnership with global brands for twenty-six years, creating design competitions.


Herbalife Nutrition is a multi-level, global marketing corporation that develops its own products, markets and sells a variety of nutritional supplements, sports nutrition, weight management, and personal care products. The company was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes. Currently, Herbalife has about eight thousand people in various positions within the company. The corporate location for the company is in the Cayman Island, but it is headquartered in Los Angeles.


Herbalife operates in more than ninety-four countries and has an independent distributorship of over three million. The company started with only weight loss management supplements sold from the trunk of Mark Hughes’ car. The premises of the weight loss supplement program came from issues that his mother had with her weight. The products will continue to benefit a vast number of people through the ages.






Working with Jeunesse

Growth of Jeunesse

Jeunesse is one of the most innovative health companies in the world. In just a few years, the company went from being unknown to being one of the largest companies in the industry.

One of the biggest reasons for the growth of Jeunesse is the direct selling program offered by the company. This program allows customers to buy Jeunesse products and sell them directly to other customers. Thousands of people have had success becoming direct sellers.

New Products

Another reason for the growth of Jeunesse is the innovation of new products. It takes a lot of time and money to develop new health products. The leaders of Jeunesse are committed to developing new products each year.

Many direct sellers report that new products sell much faster than established products. There is a strong demand for organic ingredients in health products. As consumers become more educated, companies must invest in quality product ingredients.

Becoming a Direct Seller

Many people have interest in selling products from Jeunesse. Although direct selling is a way to earn extra income, it is not easy to have success. The most successful direct sellers treat this as a business. Some people even build a website to sell products to online customers.

There is a small initial cost involved to become a direct seller. This startup cost does include initial inventory. Some people are so successful that they quit their job to focus on their selling business. However, this level of success is rare and should not be the expectation.

The Future of Jeunesse

The leaders of Jeunesse are excited about the future. The company is expanding, and more people than ever have interest in the direct selling program. The company has already announced that new products will be coming at the end of 2018.


Elysium Health—A New Kind of Health Company

Elysium Health is a health startup that was created by Dr. Leonard Guarente in 2014. Dr. Guarente is the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT, in addition to his responsibilities as the chief scientist of Elysium Health. He has conducted significant research on the genetic and molecular causes of aging during his long scientific career.


Basis is the first supplement created by Elysium. This daily supplement works to increase and sustain levels of NAD+ in our cells. NAD+ is a key coenzyme that is essential to many of our cellular functions like circadian rhythms, energy creation, and DNA protection. As we age, our levels of NAD+ decline naturally and those functions break down. Basis is designed to increase levels of NAD+ to support cellular health.


Basis is clinically proven to increase levels of NAD+. In 2016, a clinical trial conducted by Elysium Health demonstrated that taking the recommended dose of Basis daily over the course of several weeks increased levels of NAD+ levels in humans by an average of 40 percent.


Basis is available for purchase on Elysium Health’s website. An individual jar of the supplement costs $60. Monthly subscriptions to Basis are also available for purchase. A regular monthly subscription decreases the cost of each jar to $50 and pre-paying for six months or twelve months of the supplement brings the cost down to between $40 and $45. (See How To Be Preventative About Your Health)


More information on Elysium Health, the company’s team, and the science behind Basis can be found on Elysium’s website. Go To This Page to learn more.


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