Former Hawks management group Sues Hampshire insurance Company over Ferry Settlement

Bruce Levenson is the former Atlanta Hawks managing partner. Bruce has served as the Hawks governor since 2004 on the Board of NBA Governors. In 1977, Ed Peskowitz and Bruce Levenson Co-Founded the United Communications Group. This is a collection of business information companies’ portfolios. The United Communications Group is one of the fastest growing and largest privately-held communication businesses in the United States. According to reliable sources, it is the largest information technology company in the world. United Communications Group provides specialized information to over three million customers in all business sectors under their jurisdiction. They offer services to industries like technology, healthcare, energy, telecommunications, energy, and financial services.

Brice is the founder and largest shareholder of TechTarget. He served as a member of the board of directors of the company in 2012. According to the recent news from ESPN, Bruce Levenson has founded DOT together with his partner. This is a corporation that has developed a new cooking technology to allow bread toasting for three seconds. Bruce and his wife Karen, active in numerous philanthropic activities, have founded the creation of nonprofit leadership in Philanthropy at Maryland University. He is the president of the “I have a Dream Foundation.” Read:

The Atlanta Hawks Entertainment and Basketball, Inc.’s former management group has filed litigation against New Hampshire insurance company for contract breaching that involved claims settlement made by the general manager. The former Hawks ownership group(AHBE) has the inclusion of the former controlling partner Bruce Levenson. The litigation has nothing to do with the current ownership of the company.

The litigation, filed in Fulton County Superior Court, is a civil action for contract breach and bad insurance faith. The former management group claims that they were insured under a policy that could cover certain employee practice-related losses. They include workplace torts and wrongful termination. According to the documents presented in court, AIG got AHBE’s notice in 2015. Visit the website brucelevenson.comto learn more.