The Success of Waiakea – Sustainability and Triumph Walking Together

You might’ve already heard of the successes of the bottled volcanic water brand named Waiakea. The founder of the company, Ryan Emmons, is one of the smartest and most influential entrepreneurs in this new genre of sustainable companies.

Ryan Emmons created Waiakea Water as means to found a company that is environmentally-friendly while also delivering a high-quality water to the citizens of Hawaii, as well as the rest of the world. His success in the field is outstanding, as he became one of the strongest competitors in the beverage industry in a few years of business. His volcanic water has beaten the consumption of all the other drinks around Hawaii, and there is a big reason why Emmons’ brand triumphed so much and skyrocketed in the front of the competition.

Ryan Emmons created a bottled water that has very beneficial assets for the well-being of both body and mind. A high-quality beverage that is a good source for the body while also being sustainable?

Sustainability is a big part of the culture of Hawaiian communities, and that on itself has improved the company of Ryan Emmons by at least 3000%.
The volcanic water became very popular, and this helped the bottled water travel to other regions outside of Hawaii. In almost no time, Waiakea Volcanic Water is a product that is being shipped to other areas and even other countries, because the fact that the nature is not affected by the production and acquisition of the product is a big plus.

To top things out for Ryan Emmons, bottled water is one of the most consumed beverages of the Hawaiian region, and the volcanic bottled water, right from the Waiakea springs, was a big plus to the citizens of Hawaii as it is much better than the standard bottled water from other companies.
Nowadays, the company of Ryan Emmons has improved its net-worth by 4000% in only three years, and it continues to grow exponentially faster than before, which a prediction that this number will increase by at least another 1000% by the end of 2017. These impressive numbers have made Ryan Emmons an example of smart entrepreneurism.

How Three Georgetown Graduates Have Turned Sweetgreen into a Multi-Million Dollar Company

Sweetgreen owes its success to three dedicated undergraduates from Georgetown University. Fresh from college, the trio combined their efforts and embarked on a commendable path to success. Jonathan Neman, Nicolas Jammet and Nathaniel Ru serve as the company’s directors. Each is assigned specific roles that resonate with their skills and expertise.


The enterprise is currently one of America’s fascinating establishments. Sweetgreen initially commenced business in 2007 with a single shop in Georgetown. Friends and family were major sources of funding for the rapidly developing company. 31 shops countrywide are a testament of its success. More importantly, the trio plan to expand to 40 shops by the end of the year.


The company’s directors have managed to raise $ 95 million after three rounds of investment funding. The company’s CEO, Nicolas Jammet, was recently interviewed on key factors responsible for success. The firm’s inception was based on the need to prepare excellent food off campus. An entrepreneurial family background has been essential in shaping up their destiny. They shifted their attention to setting up their own business as opposed to the conventional options of seeking employment.


Ingredients for Success


Jammet lauds discipline as a core factor to success. Having an idea is one thing, but perfectly executing it is an entirely different thing. Sweetgreen aims at providing delicious and nutritious salads to its customers. In addition, they capitalized on poor marketing from various brands in the industry. Possession of a detailed concept serves as a solid foundation for success.


Sweetgreen has incorporated various elements such as employment of qualified staff, effective marketing and provision of high quality salads. In addition, the company strives at developing good customer relations in its quest to meeting their needs. An ethical code of conduct is adopted in promoting professional relationships with suppliers and workers.

Jammet credits hard work as an integral component to success. He advises entrepreneurs to commit themselves when setting up businesses. They ought to be passionate about their ideas and defend their beliefs. Sweetgreen bases its services on a fascinating lifestyle, reliable brand and a profound vision. The firm has embraced technology as customers can place orders online.


Up-close with Nathaniel Ru


Nathaniel Ru serves as the company’s co-Founder and co-CEO. He has diversified his portfolio by investing in several enterprises such as MeUndies, LOLA, EatPops and Bond Street. He encourages young entrepreneurs to identify talented individuals and harness their efforts in meeting needs of customers. They also need to stay updated by reading business articles on a regular basis. Specialization and division of labor is also vital in stimulating growth for any startup.


The Incredible World of Premium Dog Foods

Farmers harvest the finest of blueberries. Fisherman seek out the strongest of wild salmon. Everyone who contributes to the ingredients understands the gravity of the task. Are these persons taking their job so seriously because they food is intended for the finest of eateries? Actually, the hard work going into the harvesting is performed to make sure premium dog food lives up to its name.
The Daily Herald has the full story of the rise of the premium dog food industry. Those who think the premium moniker is used solely for hype are mistaken. Canines are legitimately treated to a gourmet meal when they buy a premium brand.

Beneful is one of the more well known of the various brands. Manufactured by PurinaStore, Beneful dog food can be found in pet stores, retail chains, and even convenience shops. The dry and wet food selections are definitely impressive to the eye. Purina is being truthful when noting the exquisite ingredients. With Beneful, what you see on the label really is what you get.

Beneful Originals with Salmon is a perfect example of the intriguing selections. The salmon is mixed with green beans, sweet potatoes, and carrots. A meal like that would be perfect for a bodybuilding human. The nutrients are sure to be enjoyed by a beloved dog.

The Daily Herald article is an eye-opener for those who think the process of creating premium dog food is assembly line-style. A lot of hard work goes into making sure the food is exceptional in quality. “Slopping” fine ingredients together is not the plan. A very careful approach to preparing and cooking the food is performed. A significant amount of quality control is performed before the dry and wet foods find their way into the packaging. Only the highest of quality foods make it to market.

Once these brands do make it to Wal-mart market, they sell incredibly well. Sales figures are shockingly impressive. Over $10 billion in premium dog food is sold per year, an amazing figure. Those figures are sure to grow as more people realize the value of such pet foods.

And dogs do appreciate the brands as well. Visit the Beneful Youtube Channel for more info: