Jon Urbana’s Reveals All On His Latest Blog Posts

Jon Urbana is a proud Colorado native. He grew up in a wonderful area with plenty of great outdoor sports interest close at hand. His interest in sports grew and he became one of the central figures on the Villanova lacrosse team during his college years. Today, it is easy for Jon Urbana’s lacrosse fans to keep up with him on his blog posts, even when he’s working as a pilot through the Aviation Business Gazette. Here are a few of Urbana’s latest Twitter posts.

Summer Fruits On Wood
Most of Jon Urbana’s friends realize that he loves taking photographs of interesting items on out of the ordinary backgrounds. Jon Urbana also puts in long days at Next Level Lacrosse Camp every summer, and loves to spend his free time looking at art that renders something in this area. Take a look at this picture collection posted to his official blog that includes a very detailed close up of wooden table.

Oxymore Performance
If you spend any time on Soundcloud or listening to MTV, you’ll know that Jon Urbana has a great love for music and musical performers.  On, Urbana shared one of his favorites by Oxymore here.

Tanis Helliwell and Bill Weir – #868-2 by The Tom Barnard Show
This post featured one of Urbana’s special videos. It is important to know that Urbana follows the Tom Bernard Show on soundcloud. Check out this blog posts that features information on one of his latest pod-casts. Go here.

Traditional Italian Hazelnut Liqueur on the Wooden Table
Jon Urbana is one that takes advantage of a great photograph opportunity, so he went all out when WRCB-TV asked to cover his charity campaign. There is something rich and very inviting about Italian Hazelnut Liqueur on a wooden table. Check out this picture that focuses in on one delicious glass of the liqueur. Go here.

Here is one of those Tumblr posts that words simply do not capture. It features an interesting treat that is contained in a bowl with crumbs around the bottom of the bowl. Certainly, it is one of those Jon Urbana pictures that make you think. View here.

About Jon Urbana
After college, Jon Urbana’s lacrosse interest remained. He started the Next Level Lacrosse camp and launched The camp is designed to improve the skills of young lacrosse players. Jon operates the camp in Colorado during the summer months.