Organo Gold Is A Unique And Successful Company In The Coffee Industry

The Background Of The Founder:

Bernardo Chua started his career as an entrepreneur who used a multi level marketing business strategy. Then, he joined a company in the coffee industry, called Gano Excel. At the time, they exclusively did business in the Philippines.

However, there was something that really set Gano Excel’s products apart from other coffees. They used a the reishi mushroom, which has often been called the King of Herbs. It has a long history of use in ancient medicinal practices.

Bernardo Chua helped to foster the growth of Gano Excel. The company grew to begin selling their products in the United States. When this expansion happened, Bernardo Chua became the leader of the company’s new branch.

About Organo Gold:

While in the United States, Bernardo Chua decided to start his own coffee business. This company was Organo Gold, which was inspired by Gano Excel. His products also contain the reishi mushroom.

In addition to containing this powerful ingredient, his coffees are very well regarded in terms of taste. In fact, the coffee produced by his company has even sold well in Turkey. The people of Turkey are known for having an especially fine palate for coffee. In addition, they have been reviewed quite well by critics.

They sell several different varieties of coffee, including African Red, Tea Amo, Rodeo Chai, and Colombian Roast. Their coffees are available caffeinated and decaf. You can order any of these products on the company website.

It also isn’t just coffee that Organo Gold sells. In fact, they also sell other products, such as hot chocolate and tea. These products are also infused with the highly beneficial reishi mushroom. In addition, there are also supplements that are sold by Organo Gold. They even have soaps that are infused with the reishi mushroom.