Three Questions to Answer When Renting Through Airbnb

So, what do you need to know when renting a part or your whole house on Airbnb? Even though many consider this as an easy and fast way of making money to pay up for their property, there are unexpected problems that come with it. To avoid such, expert advice from Blair and Wealth Solutions will come in handy for you. Richard Blair will help you review your options and then provide advice that is specific to your situation.
About Richard Blair

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, the Austin-based investment advisory firm. With an experience of more than 20 years in the financial services industry, Blair has a broad scope of academic qualification. He is a Certified Tax Specialist, a Retired Income Certified Professional, a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, a Certified Annuity Specialist, a Certified Income Specialist and a Certified Fund Specialist.

Wealth Solutions is focused on providing customized advice on financial planning, investment, wealth preservation strategies and retirement planning. Wealth Solutions regards its customers as partners in financial management and avails to them the most current information and technologies to enhance their chances for success.

Regarding renting your house through Airbnb, Wealth Solutions recommends you ask yourself three questions:

What risk do the tenants pose to your property?

This could include the damage caused on your property, criminal activities or injuries to the guests. The tenants may refuse to pay up their rent or may engage in actions that may bring about legal action.

Are there any options for insurance coverage?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover short-term rental agreements. This will mean that you will be personally liable for any expenses that are incurred by the tenants.

What Protection Does Airbnb Offer?

It is important to get acquainted to the protection that Airbnb offers. It is also important to know that this protection is normally secondary. Therefore, it does not begin to function until you have completely exhausted your resources.

Bottom Line

Information is an important resource when undertaking a particular investment. Answering these three question will give you a leverage on your investment. Blair’s Wealth Solutions will help you answer them and determine if or not your property will give you returns on Airbnb.

Ukraine’s Economy Can Be Helped by George Soros

Not many people in the financial world have had a career as long as George Soros. During the past six decades, Soros has amassed a fortune that currently makes him one of the wealthiest men in the world. He has been able to accomplish this thanks to his incomparable knowledge of the global economy. Soros has taken time to speak out regarding the situation that has developed with the Ukrainian economy. He has been very outspoken on the issue. George Soros has so much power and influence in the financial world that any topic he is passionate about becomes a major news story if it was not already.

Soros has not been thrilled with what has happened in Ukraine. The American and European sanctions that were imposed on Russia were a smart decision in the eyes of Soros. He feels that this is fair punishment for the outrageous Russian invasion of Ukraine. Unfortunately, Soros is also of the opinion that Ukraine is getting far too little support to help it cope with several other issues that have become a major struggle.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

A serious problem that was not expected has occurred as a result of Putin’s choice to ignore the opinions of the rest of the world by sending his military across Ukraine’s border. The issue that has reached a crisis level involves the economy of Ukraine. It is now in worse shape than at any other point in the country’s history. George Soros understands that the sanctions have dealt a serious blow to Russia’s ability to conduct business as usual. The truth is that the Russian economy has been hurt far more than Putin has ever admitted publicly. This has been due in large part to the sharp decrease in the price of oil. Every barrel of oil needs to be a minimum of $100. Otherwise, a balanced budget will not be possible for Russia. Instead, the oil price has plummeted to $55 for each barrel. This has resulted in Russia facing its own financial crisis that is the worst it has experienced since the one that created chaos in 1998. The financial siege against Russia has impacted Ukraine in a very negative way.

Soros has asked many other countries to lend a helping hand to Ukraine in their time of need. His plan to aid Ukraine is a rather ambitious one. It would involve the combination of financial support with political risk insurance. Companies would be given significant incentives if they decide to invest a specific amount of money in Ukraine. According to Soros, Naftogaz is a crucial element to helping Ukraine regain a stable economy. Naftogaz is a company that produces gas and has a monopoly on this service. It is under the control of the government in Ukraine. Soros thinks the company should be restructured in such a way that eliminates the current artificially low prices. Instead, he feels that current market conditions should determine gas prices. Soros is also a believer that poor people should receive gas subsidies.

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