Southridge Capital: Cryptocurrency Gaining Traction

Southridge Capital is a full service financial solution company that offers various services to meet client’s individual needs. Stephen Hicks founded the company in 1996 and currently serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. While he has many responsibilities within the company two of which are business development and execution.


There is no doubt that Stephen Hicks stays plenty busy at Southridge Capital. In order to ensure he accomplishes the things he needs to, he has to stay organized and on a schedule. Once he arrives at the Southridge office, he goes over portfolios and makes and list of tasks he, and other staff members, need to accomplish that day. He then has to divide his time equally between accomplishing the tasks that need to be done, tracking existing investments, and finding new opportunities. These three are essential to the success of Southridge Capital.


According to PR Newswire, one new opportunity that is exciting to Stephen Hicks and the opportunities it could bring to Southridge Capital is, cryptocurrency. While most people have likely heard of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, many people find it confusing. Southridge Capital hopes to clear up that confusion, but first, it is critical to understand what cryptocurrency is. Bitcoin, perhaps the most well-known form of cryptocurrency was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto. In essence, Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency are decentralized digital peer-to-peer compensation systems. It consists of a group of people who are part of a network, all transactions are immediately known by everyone who is part of the network and, after a certain amount of time, the transactions get approved. Once the transactions are approved, they cannot be changed, and they become part of the blockchain.


According to Southridge Capital Bitcoin is going to continue to gain traction; therefore, they have a team of cryptocurrency experts who are there to help clients navigate the often-confusing territory.





Wes Edens’ Impact through Financial Industry

At age 56, Wes Edens has Co-founded his own company, owned a professional basketball team, and made the Forbes Billionaire list. With the hard work and drive he has, these tasks weren’t just given to him.Born October 30, 1961, Wes Edens resides in New York City. Beforehand, he attended Oregon State University and received his B.S. in Finance and Business Administration in 1984. Entering the workforce, Wes Edens was employed at Lehman Brothers in 1987 and became a partner and managing director. He then moved to BlackRock’s private equity BlackRock Asset Investors as a partner and managing director until 1997.

In 1998, Wes Edens co-founded Fortress with five other principals, including Randal Nardone, which eventually became one of the top management firms in the country. These principals were able to expand the company into a billion-dollar company making the Co-founder ranked 297 in the Forbes Billionaire list.Not only has Wes Edens been involved with Fortress Investment Group, he also co-owns the NBA team, Milwaukee Bucks, who have been one of the main events in the state of Wisconsin featuring talents like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Eric Bledsoe, Kris Middleton, and many others. Apart from the Bucks, the co-owner has his own eSports team through Fortress. In 2017, Fortress announced their creation of a professional video gaming team called “Fly Quest”.

The team includes the game League of Legends competing in the North American League of Legends Championship Series. Also, the employee ratings at Fortress, have received great opinions. Employees feel like they are being pushed and challenged to reach their full potential at the company. Along with the motivation to work, employees feel that the management is excellent as far as keeping the relationship strong while in the workplace. This kind of atmosphere has brought less turnover and high performance toward consumers. Learn More.

People Who Have Different Goals Can Contact Richard Blair

It is common for people to seek advice when it comes to finances. Often times, they only get a certain type of advice from people they seek out. However, there are people that have a lot of good advice for those who are trying to make money in different ways. Among the people that are rather versatile in what they have to offer is Richard Blair with Wealth Solutions. While other financial advice services only handle the financial aspects of their goals, there Richard Blair is willing to help people with any goals that they have that can help them save money.


Among the type of help that Richard Blair can give people is help with starting a business. For one thing, starting a business can be a great way to make a ton of money to put towards financial independence. There is a lot of earning potential in starting a business for those that know how to do it. There are a lot of steps involved in doing the right type of work. It is important to think things through with business. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is willing and able to help people map out the steps in getting their business to where they are making profits.


One of the good things about starting a business or getting involved in other earning activities is that it can help people pay off all of their debts. For one thing, the type of debt that would’ve been impossible to pay off could be made a lot easier for people that get involved with alternative forms of income either all by itself or going along with their regular job.


Richard Blair has been involved in the financial industry for a while and has a lot to offer for people who are very interested in making the necessary efforts to be successful in their lives. One of the types of people he admires are those who make plans for retirement as well as other aspects of their lives. This is important because there are a lot of factors at play that could influence social security funding for people who are working.