Get Spooked Out With The Latest Scary Podcast From Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne

The supernatural is an interesting and engaging subject that attracts a lot of interesting discussion from a wide range of people. For example, many debate the existence of monsters, aliens, and even subjects as interesting as Atlantis.


Perhaps that’s why broadcasting legend Norman Pattiz has reached out to two supernatural experts to create a fun and exciting new podcast on his PodcastOne network. For fans of the supernatural who use this network, this should be thrilling news.



What Is This Podcast

New on Chris Jericho’s podcast network is “Beyond The Darkness.” This podcast will focus on a variety of engaging and provoking supernatural subjects. It will be hosted by Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, two men who have years of experience investigating and discussing these types of subjects.


They will discuss a variety of subjects, including monsters, angels, alien abductions, encounters with ghouls, strange supernatural mysteries, and real evidence of miracles.


New episodes will be available on Mondays from PodcastOne and the available apps. It also will be available on iTunes for quick and efficient downloading. Those who are fans of these unique topics will have a chance to dig into some interesting and engaging discussions that will get them talking about some interesting ideas.



What Does Chris Jericho Have To Do With It?

Chris Jericho is a WWE wrestler and a supernatural enthusiast who has worked with Norman Pattiz for years with his podcast network. Bringing in these two hosts and allowing them to create their own show was a way of tapping into a group that had yet to be discussed on PodcastOne.


These subjects have become very interesting for a number of people and which Jericho has stated he believes will “…bring with them a massive fan base who trust and believe in them and their subject matter.”


His enthusiasm is contagious and he has claimed that he expects them to be a “…podcast network’s dream…or should I say nightmare?!” making light of the rather spooky and controversial subject matter.



Who Is Norman Pattiz?

While supernatural fans may recognize the name of the podcast hosts and even that of Chris Jericho, the name Norman Pattiz may not mean much. Why should they be thrilled about a guy they don’t know? Simple: Pattiz is an industry legend that always offers high-quality content.


Starting out his career in news, sports, and various forms of television and radio broadcasting, Pattiz has received many lifetime achievement awards and is one of the few “old school” broadcasters looking to innovate. Early on, he recognized the connective power of podcasts and founded PodcastOne as a way to collect and distribute many high-quality podcasts.


As a result, his company has become the top provider of great podcasts across the nation. His name and his company is synonymous with high-quality podcasts, making “Beyond The Darkness” full of fun and exciting potential.

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