Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia’s Vision of Financial Freedom

In polite society, it’s considered gauche to discuss money or financial standing. Which is an interesting paradox, considering many of us suffer from poor financial health. Finances should be discussed more often so that people won’t find themselves in awful financial ruin whether due to mismanagement, illness, or simply life throwing things at you.

This is where Graeme Holm and his company Infinity Group Australia come into play. Created as an ongoing support service for mortgage borrowers, Infinity Group Australia has become a leader in the Australia banking sector specifically home loans. The company guides clients toward financial security through an intensive program offering both debt reduction and budgeting analysis.

Concerned about the prevalence of money mismanagement within average Australian households, Holm began a personal campaign to help consumers manage their finances better. He began examining the Australian Mortgage Market and spent 6 months researching and developing resolutions to the flaws within the system.

In conjunction with his partner, Rebecca Walker, Holm began developing a system aiming to both educate mortgage borrowers about the benefits of budgeting and providing ongoing support. Holm and Walker found that the current mortgage banking system in place, failed mortgage borrowers by not providing them with additional guidance once a loan was closed.

A survey of current clients, conducted by the Infinity Group, concluded that borrowers were more likely to pay more in 90 days while under a home loan structure that also featured a detailed budget. Holm believes that “ongoing accountability is imperative in this process.”

Holm focuses on teaching homeowners the fundamentals of preparing and executing a functional weekly budget that accounts for an entire family. While also helping those families reduce their debt and pay off their mortgage quickly. It’s an equation that is sure to help families attain a secure financial future.

Infinity Group Australia’s compassionate business model is unique within the banking sector. After a recent review of costs to clients, Infinity Group ordered an overhaul of the billing structure, in order to favor the clients, not the group’s bottom line.

This renovation reveals what’s at the core of Infinity Group’s and Holm initial vision; helping a client achieve healthy financial freedom by making smarter financial decisions. Helping clients reduce debt while simultaneously budgeting creates financially strong clients and maintains a stable economy.

As evidence of the group’s commitment to helping average Australians achieve financial freedom, look no further than the experts. Infinity Group Australia has been nominated in five categories at the Australian Broking Awards, including “New Office of the Year, 2018,” for which the company won.

The company also recently won the 2018 Customer Experience Management Award for “Overall Best Organization CX” in Australia.

The company’s dedication to customer service, it’s commitment to its clients, and its overall generosity is why Infinity Group Australia lives up to its motto, Care, Integrity, Passion, and Trust.

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