Obsidian Energy Decision To Re brand

Obsidian Energy is an organization that rebranded recently. Since the company took the new initiative, it is believed to be doing very well, and it is considered to be a great competitor to some of the competitors in the energy market. Getting to this level has been hard work for the energy market. The institution was about to collapse several years ago before the investors and company management decided to take a different route so that they can save the future of the organization. Rebranding was the best thing that the company ever did since it was launched into the market.


Before rebranding, Obsidian Energy was known to many as Penn West. The company first came into the American market when things were doing so well in the energy market. The institution founders were motivated by the amount of success companies in the markets were experiencing, and this is why they chose to work together and make a great investment. The company was doing so well at first, and it was the pride of many investors. Things took a different turn when the energy market started experiencing unpredictable prices. In no time, the department that was making billions of monies in just a single night started registering losses. Many investors were even forced to withdraw their investments in the market.


Penn West was not left out in the tough times. The firm top management tried its best to make the company finances to work. However, the finance department had a big blow when a fraud case was reported in the organization. Things did not stop here. The company was losing the trust of investors and customers, and something had to be done first so that the situation can be controlled. After several board meetings with top management and investors, Penn West realized that rebranding was going to offer the kind of changes the company was looking for. Penn West decided to go for the name Obsidian Energy for a great reason. This name represents durability and strength, a great quality that is embraced by the Obsidian glass. The company changes will be reflected in the stock exchange market too. Get Related Information Here.


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Stream Energy

Dallas, Texas-based Stream Energy recently held its Women of Power Retreat at the company’s newly renovated headquarters. This annual meeting recognizes and provides support to female independent associates within the company. It was hosted by the Stream Women of Power Group, which was co-founded by Stream Energy’s Chief Financial Officer Renee J. Hornbaker. “Shine” was the theme of this 2017 retreat, which focused on empowering women to shine with confidence and encourage others to do the same.


This annual meeting gave associates an opportunity to reconnect, empower, and support one another. Events that helped with confidence-building and skill cultivation included leadership luncheons, social events, training workshops, and educational sessions. Workshops included personal branding, visualization exercises, mindfulness, and how to be your own boss. Awards were handed out to female attendees for their outstanding accomplishments. Influential speakers were also featured at this meeting, including CNN and CNBC news anchor Nicole Lapin, author and business leader Karen Leland, and corporate wellness consultant Melissa Marks Garner.


The Women of Power Retreat attendees and Stream Energy are known for their charitable outreach and community support. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the company made contributions to the Red Cross, waived late fees for their customers who were affected by the hurricane, and created a crowdfunding campaign to help support fellow Stream Energy associates who were also impacted by the hurricane. Other Stream Energy charitable campaigns include Cell Phones for Soldiers and a partnership with Captain Hope’s Kids.


The retreat was viewed as a success. Director of Events for Stream Energy, Chelsey Berend, said attendees walked away with a new set of skills and resources that will help their businesses thrive. Events like this have helped to make the company one of the largest direct selling companies in the country since its founding in 2005. Stream provides energy, wireless, protective, and home services to customers in several states including Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland, and New Jersey.  See This Article for more information.