A New Board Advisor? Really?

People are selected for new positions and those that are in those positions are replaced all the time. In short, yes.There is a new board advisor named Polly Morton. She was a former Director and Head of Special Projects and Partnerships at Reputation.com. What company is she now working for? Let’s find out.


Polly Morton now is a new board advisor for Status Labs.She is also proficient in the ever growing field of online reputation management. She will be a welcome addition at Status Labs. She is excited about this new position. Most people though, when they enter a new job or a new status, they are excited, but quite nervous.


What is Status Labs, though? Status Labs is a premier digital reputation management and public relations firm which is worldwide. This firm seems to be a leader in helping clients look good in online search results. This I suppose would benefit anyone, but probably some people more than others. People want to know what is being said about them, especially people that are well known.


Status Labs has offices in Austin, New York, and São Paulo. This company serves over 1500 clients in 35 countries. Status Labs has been showcased in many magazines, so their popularity is already there; it is growing though the more people know about them. The more people know about a company, the more popular it gets. A good example of this is Google. Practically everyone knows about Google. Let’s learn more about Polly for right now. Google is a story for another time.


So Polly has joined the board advisor at Status Labs. How was she chosen? Most of the decision depends upon experience within that particular industry. Status Labs firm plans to grow as they find the right people with the right skill sets.

Find Status Labs on instagram @statuslabs for more information.