Waiakea Water Makes Exciting Announcement

Waiakea Inc. is the first Hawaiian volcanic water company. Waiakea offers premium water that is healthy and sustainable. The water contains natural minerals and electrolytes. Waiakea has a unique design, and is sourced through a Kea’au aquifer. Waiakea has been certified as carbon neutral.

Waiakea is also known for its ethical attributes and philanthropic initiatives. Waiakea consistently donates water to the less fortunate through Pump Aid. Waiakea is at the forefront of promoting clean water access to people throughout the world. Waiakea also helps different non profit organizations in the community.

Waiakea has won many prestigious awards. They have been honored by the National Restaurant Association, Beverage World, and Good Morning America, among others. Waiakea has also been featured in magazine publications such as People, Food Navigator and Forbes. Waiakea is available in over 20 states throughout the U.S.

Recently, Waiakea Inc. announced that they will release a fully recyclable and degradable plastic bottle. The innovative launch shows that Waiakea is committed to obtaining total sustainability. The Chief Executive Officer of Waiakea, Ryan Emmons, says that the company will help the degradation process accelerate, which in turn will help the plastic’s lifespan. Waiakea is a partner of TimePlast, a patented additive for the nano-degradation of plastic throughout the World. The bottles will degrade at a much faster rate than regular plastic bottles. Waiakea is promoting sustainable waste management. Waiakea will be trying out TimePlast’s nano-additive.

TimePlast’s additive will cause the chemical bonds to have less sophisticated links during the manufacturing process. This will shorten the time frame that it takes for plastic to dissolve into wax. Waiakea’s new bottles will have a reduced impact on the environment.

The new bottles will still resemble the traditional plastic bottles in many aspects. The change will also help out plantae and fungi, due to the ocean uptake. The creator of TimePlast, Manuel Rendon, says the collaboration between TimePlast and Waiakea has been years in the making. Waiakea is hopeful that the collaboration will add to more people using the technology.