The Man Behind Stellar – Jed McCaleb

Humble Beginnings

Jed McCaleb is a renown programmer and blockchain cryptocurrency expert. Jed McCaleb’s story begins with being the driving force behind Mt. Gox, the first Bitcoin exchange worldwide and eDonkey. Jed is the first to create a decentralize peer sharing file network and the first to create a multi-source downloading system.

What is Jed Up to Now?

In 2014 Jed McCaleb started a new concept and idea for the digital currency. Jed along with Joyce Kim, have created Stellar to change the world of the universal financial network of inclusion. With his success from Bitcoin, Jed McCaleb is now using programming to take Stellar beyond its predecessor. Jed noticed how Bitcoin was ahead of its time for moving finances; but it had one major flaw, the flaw of inclusion. Stellar will change the game completely by having within its programming the ability for institutions (financial) to link up together.

Stellar’s Job and Its Future

Jed McCaleb’s plan is to have Stellar connect the currently unbanked populous around the world to link up to an institution that is currently on Stellar’s platform. To do this, Jeb also plans to make it maintenance fees more affordable by tying together isolated institutions together so that they can offer their services at a reasonable and marketable level. By doing this Stellar will offer a cheaper and streamline money transfer platform.

Currently Stellar is used in multiple financial infrastructures across the world; from businesses to non-profit organizations. Jed McCaleb and his group have tweaked Stellar’s programming to make it more user friendly. In addition, the Stellar platform is a community-based platform that allows the users to be in control. Stellar’s platform creates an operating system that is not internally controlled by the Stellar Organization.

Why is Jed McCaleb Such a Success?

Jed believes that having a complete strategic plan, will always generate success. He believes in focusing on the importance of a goal versus the productivity of that goal. He looks at the big picture and how each part affects the next. Jed does not believe in distractions, but he does believe in the grand scale and how it impacts things globally. Lastly, overcoming obstacles in his life has played a major role in his success as a business entrepreneur.