The Habanero Shaker Spices Up Anything

Joel Friant is an entrepreneur and spice fanatic. He is very passionate about hot peppers and especially the Habanero pepper. Friant’s probably best known for his creation-the Original Habanero Shaker.

Friant began his career in the food industry in the 1990s when he became known as “The Thai Guy.” It was then that he realized that there were no Habanero shakers on the market that were free from additives such as salt and additional flavorings or that had a good flavor to them.

On his quest to create the perfect Habanero Shaker, he traveled to Jamaica where he tasted a variety of different hot peppers native to the region. He realized that a lot of people steer clear of the Habanero because they think that it is just too hot, so he created the Habanero Shaker because in its dried form it is much milder and enjoyable. His invention started a trend that actually changed the food industry for the better.

His Habanero Shaker caught on, and he got it into a few grocery chains. He also has gotten many sales online through Amazon and eBay. Joel also got into the real estate market where he found success, but he is truly passionate about the spice market and continues to expand his business. Friant came up with a few different concepts including “The Income Thermostat.” and he has become the author of many publications. He has also hosted many online seminars to help others to achieve success.

The Original Habanero Shaker is made with 100 percent Habanero peppers and is also sugar-free and gluten-free. The Habaneros used are dried in the sun and is the perfect combination of heat and sweetness. The Original Habanero Shaker is a great way to season your food on the go and is packaged in a convenient bottle.

The Original Habanero Shaker can be used to season pretty much anything from fish to guacamole, and it does not contain seeds, so it mixes well. The Habanero pepper is great for your health, too and it promotes the production of feel-good and pain-fighting endorphins when eaten.

Igor Cornelsen’s Thoughts About Ideology

Igor Cornelsen has plenty of reasons to be one of the most successful investors and financial experts in his field. One thing that helps him is when he is able to look at anything that has a potential to change the market. As a matter of fact, one thing that excites him about his work is when he is able to figure out whether or not something is going to change the market in the long term. One thing that he determines as an indicator of change is if something is based on ideology. Learn more Igor Cornelsen at Tumblr

Igor Cornelsen believes that markets have a lot of ideological bias. He also believes that ideology is not a good basis for investment advice. This is one of the reasons that he makes sure that he is keeping himself level in his investments. Igor does not get caught up in the moment when it comes to investments. Instead, he approaches his finances in a way that is going to keep him detached from his finances. When people get attached to results, then they are going to be irrational in their approach. As a result, they will be more likely to lose all of the money that they have invested. Read:

Igor Cornelsen is more of a strategist when it comes to finances and investments. This is one of the reasons that his advice can be trusted. He approaches his activity from a logical and thoughtful direction. He is also aware of all of the rules that he has to follow when investing. He takes the time to do his research in order to find out what assets are the best to invest in so that he will continue on his winning streak of gaining money. Aspiring investors would do well to follow in his footsteps and set up a reliable source of passive income.

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Troy McQuagge’s Leadership Skills and Idea for Helping Others

Each day, we have people in our neighborhood or state who need some help. However, not everyone is there to take care of them or dedicate some effort to better their situation. HOPE foundation whose acronyms stand for Helping Other People Every day is a unique foundation that works under the USHEALTH organization. Just like the meaning behind the acronyms, HOPE foundation has an organizational commitment to improving the lives of other people who could be enduring certain struggles or problems in life. Read more on Crunchbase about Troy McQuagge Son

Troy McQuagge is the humble man behind the initiation of HOPE foundation. With a great determination to ensure the success of the foundation, he led it to its first project which involved partnering with another organization to help all the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The activities undertook involved rebuilding the homes that were hit. Basically, the project had a single aim which was to make sure that the residents found a safe place to call home after the destruction. Other examples of the generous acts of HOPE foundation includes the donation of shoes, clothing and baby formula worth thousands of dollars to The Crisis Nursery that acts as a children’s shelter.

When questioned about the mission of HOPE foundation, Troy McQuagge son responded in a simple answer stating that each company has a ‘soul’ that lies at the core of the people making the company and the company itself. The members of the Hope foundation mission is to offer help and services to other people where they can. Other than being a corporate responsibility to help others, it is also a personal mission for all the people involved. Basically, all deeds related to HOPE foundation usually involve USHEALTH Advisors Agents who embark on the missions proposed.

Although living a successful life is of great importance to most people, the mission of HOPE foundation is to help recognize with gratitude that living a life of service exceeds other expectations. That said, HOPE foundation is a branch of USHEALTH that enables the members to accomplish more besides the issuance of insurance products to clients having the financial ability. In short, it is a way of enriching or giving back to the local community.

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Louis Chenevert Helped UTC Excel

Louis Chenevert has been called a business legend by Forbes magazine. This is mainly due to his work while he served as the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation. During his time there, he successfully raised the stock price from $37 a share to $117 a share, and this was accomplished during the global recession of the early 2000’s. Very few people can do this, which is why Louis Chenevert is the master of business.

When interviewed him, they asked what he had done to make the company so successful while other aerospace manufacturers were declaring bankruptcy. Louis Chenevert explained to them that he simply implemented two basic business practices, decrease needless spending and increase your profit.

Louis Chenevert was able to decrease the needless spending by focusing on two things. The first thing was the fines that UTC paid out annually because they were breaking environmental laws in North America. These fines were costing United Technologies Corporation nearly $10 million a year. Louis Chenevert worked with the engineers to decrease factory water consumption by 53%. Also, by using new and improved filters, the factories were able to emit 27% fewer gas emissions.

Louis Chenevert also decreased spending within United Technologies Corporation’s infrastructure. Each year, UTC was spending $15 million to transport goods between their own factories. By moving the factories closer to the headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, UTC was able to save money and begin investing it in purchasing other profitable companies.

Louis Chenevert spent time focusing not only on decreasing spending but also increasing the money coming in. He knew that during the recession very few companies and countries could afford to purchase aerospace geat off of United Technologies Corporation. While the world would eventually turn around, UTC needed money in the present.

Louis Chenevert set out to purchase three companies that would keep UTC afloat. The first company was Pratt & Whitney which granted UTC very lucrative military contracts. The second company was Otis which granted UTC access to other corporations’ infrastructure. The last was Goodrich which allowed UTC to do business overseas.

A Look at SahmAdrangi’s Success Story

SahmAdrangi is an investor and the man behind the establishment of Kerrisdale Capital Management where he currently serves as the Chief Investment Officer. Since its inception, Sahm has been actively involved in making it grow to the enormous company handling $150 million as at July 2017 from a mere $1 million. His popularity mainly lies in short selling and publishing research. He shares the perspective of his firm on stocks. His research aims at fixing delusions about these companies’ essential business views. The exploration can be accessed through the company’s website, Twitter, and third-party investing-related sites.

While the company shares research on a variety of businesses and industries, Sahm has in recent years concentrated on the efforts made by Kerrisdale in specific sectors where they have become experts. The sectors they have mostly focused on are the biotechnology, mining, and telecommunication. Apart from publication of research, politicking is another area that Sahm has ventured into in various investments. One such deed of activism is where he affianced with Lindsay Corporation Management in 2013 in improving their disposition of cash and strategies concerning allocating funds. In 2014, in a bid to take out the directors of Morgans Hotel Group, he steered a dissent which saw two board members from his slate being voted.

He began his profession in economics in credit at Deutsche Bank where he was very successful and facilitated loan debt funding. He also worked as a member of advising creditor committee on insolvency and out-of-court streamlining occasions with Chanin Capital Partners. The experience he gained from the positions he held made him secure a job at debt hedge fund. He started endowing in the hedge fund in June 2010. He mainly concentrated on the dark world of Chinese reverse mergers. These companies had made their way without being vetted into North American bourses through merging with other listed entities. It is this focus that shows him gain fame.

He has also been a motivational speaker at many conferences and has appeared in prominent media houses for an interview. All in all, he is one investor that one can learn a lot from.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Bradesco’s Steadying Hand in the Current Transitional Period

While change is often feared, it is not always a bad thing. This is especially true for leadership within organizations. New leaders bring with them fresh ideas that allow organizations to remain profitable despite the ever-changing market conditions that they operate in. Realizing this fact, the 91-year old banking veteran, Lazaro Brandao last month (October 2018) decided to step aside from his post of chairman at Banco Bradesco. His replacement, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is 25 years younger and has for the last nine years been serving as the president of Banco Bradesco. As such, it is likely that he will bring a more innovative perspective to the role of chairman.

No one can discount the leadership talents of Luiz Carlos Trabuco. He joined Bradesco as an inexperienced teenager in 1969 and never once looked out of place in the numerous positions he was assigned to over the years. The last nine years where he served as the bank’s president have particularly shown his aptitude as a leader, given the fact that the economic climate in that time has been far from conducive. As such, his appointment to the position of president is not only merited but also uncontestable.

The Bradesco group is currently too big to be served by a singular president and chairman. As such, the bank will have to a appoint a new president to take over from Luiz Carlos Trabuco. The responsibility of appointing the next president rests with the board, which appoints by way of voting. However, the new appointment is not expected to be announced until March 2018. Consequently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will have to continue dispensing the duties of both the president and board chairman for the next few months. While serving in both capacities will no doubt be difficult, especially considering the fact that the bank is in a transitional period, Mr. Trabuco’s performance as president over the last nine years shows that he is more than equal to the task.

The changes currently happening at Bradesco will also see the new president have a slightly different mandate to that previously held by Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Previously, the bank president had a seat on the bank’s board. In fact, it is for this reason that Luiz Carlos Trabuco was nominated the vice chairman of the board in 2014 despite already being the bank’s president. However, with the bank continuing to grow into a financial giant, the executive responsibilities involved in making sure that it runs smoothly on a daily basis are becoming more engaging for the president. Consequently, it has been decided that the president will no longer need to be a member of the bank’s board. Further, to ensure that the removal of the president’s seat does not make the already small board smaller, it has been decided that the board will be expanded to be made up of more than the current eight members.

Under the guidance of Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the incoming president will likely have to employ unconventional methods to ensure the continued profitability of the bank. For the last two years, the underperformance of the Brazilian economy has placed great pressure on the margins of most banks within the country, including Bradesco. In fact, just a few months ago, the bank started scaling back on its extensive branch network coverage of over 5,500 offices to ensure that it remains in the green. Consequently, unless the Brazilian economy starts showing signs of significant improvement before March 2018, the incoming president will have to come up with innovative ways of sustainably growing the Bradesco brand.

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The Accomplishments of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert, a Canadian businessman graduated from HEC Montreal which is an affiliated Business School of the University of Montreal was born in Quebec. He is a holder of bachelor’s degree in production management. He serves as the Chairman of HEC Montreal’s International Advisory Board alongside being the Chairman of the university’s friends Board of Directors.

Professional Tenure

From April 1999 straight through to March 2006, Louis Chenevert worked as the President of Pratt & Whitney Canada. Prior to this, he had been with the company for 6 years since he joined its team. Before starting to work with Pratt & Whitney, Louis served for 14 years at General Motors as the Production General Manager of the company’s St. Therese operation.

After joining United Technologies in March 2006, Louis Chenevert was elected President and Chief Executive Office in 2008 and later as the Chairman in 2010. He served the company with great accomplishments to December 8th 2014 when he stepped down and got replaced by Edward Kangas, the former director.

In September 2015, he took up the role of an Exclusive Advisor in the Merchant Banking Division at Goldman Sachs. This got him to be in a position of targeting chances in the aerospace and industrial sectors alongside advising other businesses.


Louis Chenevert laid a strong foundation at UTC which has enabled the company to concur the market and gain competitive benefits that originates from the plans applied during his reign. Chenevert’s legacy has at UTC has continued to thrive.

While at UTC, he sought to invest in people other than in the most advanced technology alone. One of his personal mission was to apply his experience and knowledge in making great advancements in UTC and to leave it being much better than he got it.

Some of his great works included:-

  •  The Employee Scholar Program
  • The GTF engine,
  • The acquisition of Goodrich


Louis Chenevert’s past work places and leadership skills enabled him to succeed in directing UTC through the hard economic setting and ensuring it successfully achieved its aims and surviving the worst situations.

Logan Stout and Healthy Living

The health of an individual is very important. If we are not healthy, then completing our daily activities can be a very challenging task. In the modern setting where people do not have enough time to exercise and make healthy food, it can be very challenging to live a healthy life. People who choose to eat healthily and engage in work outs are at a lower risk of getting dangerous medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease. There are many companies that have been introduced to the modern market, and they all promise the consumer great health at the end of the day. The sad truth is that most of these products do not work, and they sometimes have great effects in the body of the user. If you want to have a healthy body, it is paramount to consult professionals like Logan Stout. The professional athlete has a lot of expertise in health matters, and he has a company that will ensure that you have reached the fitness goals you have been dreaming about.

All our bodies are very different, and Logan Stout understands that. This is why he has introduced a simple technique of making products that are designed to meet the needs of the customers at the end of the day. The businessman also works as a successful entrepreneur and mentor who have managed to transform the lives of many people in many areas of the world. His health products are healthy to use, and the consumer can be assured of great results after using them for a while.

In his great career life, Logan Stout has managed to break all the barriers that keep people from having a healthy life. According to him, the mental and physical health of an individual is paramount for the people who want to achieve their goals in this life. Without having the right health and mental fitness, it is almost impossible to have a happy life. After creating a company called IDLife, Logan Stout managed to help people from all parts of the globe to get the kind of life they deserved. His company has also partnered with several other institutions from the world with similar goals so that they can give consumers reliable services.

Logan has a great education background. His portfolio indicates that the businessman acquired his education at some of the best institutions in the entire world, and this has been influencing his career positively.

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Gregory Aziz, A Visionary Leader Who Has Steered National Steel Car To Greater Heights

Greg Aziz is a Canadian born entrepreneur who has been actively involved in the corporate world since 1970. Greg was born in 1949 in the city of London, Ontario and is currently the Chairperson of National Industries and also serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. National Steel Car is a world-renowned company that specializes in the manufacture of steel tanks and railroad cars. The company is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario. James Aziz did not come from a well of family and as a result, pursued his education at Ridley College where his passion for economics grew. Greg followed his passion, and when he furthered his education to higher levels, he still studied economics. Greg holds a Bachelors of Economics Degree from the University of Western Ontario. Get More Info Here.



Greg early life had an impact on his career as the top executive at National Steel Car. Greg joined his family-owned business Affiliated Foods where he gained a lot of managerial skills which was coupled up with his educational background as an economist. Greg worked in the family business for 16 years during which he helped the company grow to be one of the leading importer and distributor of fresh food supplies. The experience at Affiliated Foods made Greg yearn to have a company of his own.




Greg James Aziz would later find himself in the city of New York where he started working for several banking institutions as a financial investor. It is at New York that Aziz dream of owning his company became a reality. In the Year 1994, Gregory J Aziz acquired National Steel Car from Dofasco. The company at that time was not doing very well and was on the verge of collapsing. Very few people would take the risk of investing in a company that is about to wind up but Greg being a visionary entrepreneur new that he stood the chance of reviving the company. Gregory J Aziz took the challenge and within five years was able to transform the company and built an excellent reputation for National Steel Car. Greg steered the company to greater heights by significantly improving the production capacity from the previous 3,500 units to about 12,000 units annually. The company workforce also grew significantly from 600 workers to nearly 3000.


Greg James Aziz is also a philanthropist and has taken part in a myriad of charitable activities. Greg together with his family is committed to helping the people of Hamilton.

Here’s How James Gregory Has Contributed to the Success of National Steel Car Company

Gregory James Aziz is one of the lucky serving Chief Executive Officers of National Steel Car. He is also the chairman and the president of the company. Born in 1949, Greg Aziz attended Ridley College and then studied economics at Western University of Ontario. He is married to Irene, and they are the real sponsors of the prominent Canadian Royal Agricultural Winter Fair show.


In the year 1971, he and his family dealt in in an affiliated food business. Their family company attained a gradual growth in the next sixteen years and became the global importer of fresh foods from America and Europe. Also, their family company distributed fresh foods on wholesale in the United States.


Gregory J Aziz worked on various banking and investment opportunities in New York. He was responsible for the buying of National steel from the previous owner, Dofasco, in the year 1994. The purchase of this company changed the famous Canadian company to be the significant North America’s car manufacturing company. National steel car is a large and capable vehicle manufacturing company. It has a well-established engineering capability, strong capital base, and experienced human resource at its disposal. By the year 1999, it had already increased its car manufacturing capacity from the original 3500 to 12000 annually. Employment opportunities improved from as low as six hundred to three thousand workers.


The company has been dealing in car manufacturing and engineering over the last hundred years. The company’s excellency in car manufacturing and engineering has earned it enormous reputation from several customers. It is considered to be the top North America’s railroad car manufacturers. The company has invested heavily in technology, and this has improved its innovation, dynamism, and diversification. Refer to This Web Page for More Info.

The company also offers various cars services. They include freight car components, spare parts fixing, and supplying parts. The car parts supplied are body bolsters, brake piping, wheelsets, trucks, and fulcrum brackets and much more. The company is depended upon by many car users because it deals in almost all car parts for different vehicles. The parts offered are quality and of value. National Steel Car Company was honored with TTX SECO award for its consistency in service delivery since 1996. The company is trusted by many customers in North America under the leadership of Gregory J Aziz.


The company serves Hamilton community, and it has given back to the community by sponsoring many projects such as United Way, Theatre Aquarius, Salvation Army and various community charities. The company organizes Christmas party annually which is attended by company employers and their children to contribute food to the charity organization.

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