Clay Siegall.

Clay Siegall.

Dr. Clay Siegall is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics Company. Seattle Genetics is centered at Seattle and a biotechnology company that deals with the improvement of beset therapy drugs for infections that have not been curbed for years. Dr. Clay Siegall studied at the University of Maryland where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in zoology. Clay later joined George Washington University to study his Ph.D. in genetics.

It’s under DR. Clay’s mentorship that Seattle Genetics Company established the first FDA-approved antibody medicine conjugate that has numerous accepted indications. Dr. Clay also helped the Seattle Genetics Company come up with a strong pipeline of about twenty drugs and also secured partnerships with drug manufacturers such Pfizer, Bayer, and Genentech.

In an interview, Dr. Clay noted that he had been having interest in medicine and the strength of technology. He also said that he has always been interested in looking for ways and reasons to cure and overcome diseases and where possible restore health to the affected individuals. He unveiled that his interest in cancer treatment developed while he was at the University of Maryland studying Zoology after his family member was diagnosed with cancer.

Dr. Clay said that he makes money from retailing the company’s manufactured drugs. They also get money from their first FDA-approved antibody which has been approved for three indications. The firm also earns a lot of money from the incomes they receive from manufacturing partnerships and certifying of technologies and procedures that the company has developed over the years. Surprisingly, Clay claimed that the Seattle Company started to earn profits ten years after the IPO.

Clay continued that the Seattle Genetics Company gets its customers through its marketing staff that consists of persons who have a robust background in biotechnology. He also added that the marketing team knows everything about the company and therefore they quickly convinces their customers about the products and services offered by the firm. Clay also noted that the company’s staff dine, wine and utilize time in negotiations and meetings. The Seattle Genetics Company has a brilliant legal team that makes sure that the legitimacy of the firm is protected.