Mike Baur: Helping People, Businesses, and the Economy

Describing Mike Baur in one word would be difficult; however, many who know him would insist above all he is a teacher. Witnessing the accomplishments Baur has displayed leads one to believe he is devoted to guiding people to ever higher levels of success.

Baur began his career in the private banking industry equipped with three things; a desire to make big things happen, and an MBA in each hand, one from the University of New York Rochester and one from the University of Bern. As expected by those who knew him, he climbed surefooted up the corporate ladder learning along the way. Eventually, he moved into positions of leadership and as his responsibilities increased so did his ability to make the right choices.


After 20 years in the private banking industry, Mike started feeling like it was time for a change. He felt pulled in the direction of becoming an entrepreneur and made a choice to create a company. Mike and his partners put their brains together and in 2014, launched the Swiss Start-Up Factory (SSUF).


Zurich, Switzerland is the home base of SSUF. Their mission is identifying and recruiting young, ambitious, and thriving digital entrepreneurs who are invited to take part in an accelerator program for three months. The program provides these young people with the type of services that will get them from startup to success. The services include coaching, mentoring, office space, and access to an extensive network created with the goal of helping each member achieve goals.


The SSUF has had an enormous influence on changing the outcome for many startups. Baur and company use their talents to spot people who have a good idea, are filled with the drive to succeed, and a willingness to listen to and follow advice. They find funding opportunities to provide newbies with a sustained flow of resources through each critical phase of growth and learning.


Mike coaches by drawing from his deep well of experience and rewards those willing to put in the time and effort to understand the critical factors that determine success. The rewards are personal and professional growth that often equals profit.


Business has recognized that SSUF provides budding entrepreneurs a platform to turn their idea into a lucrative venture. Instead of becoming one of the millions of small business startups that fail, these students learn how to meet the diverse array of challenges head on with the solutions that lead to a positive outcome. SSUF wins, their students win, and the economy wins.

Mike Baur, the Real Entrepreneur



Mike Baur, an established entrepreneur, founder of Swiss Startup Factory, was born in Fribourg, Switzerland in 1975. In his younger age, he had the passion for business, which propelled him to attain a master’s degree from the University of Rochester in New York in the same field.


Mike is an experienced banker having worked in the industry for a long duration. He has gradually made his way from apprentice to executive board member and deputy manager of Bank in Swiss.


After over 15 years in the bank industry, he finally stepped down and teamed up with Max Meister, and Olivier Walzer to start private organization by the name Swiss Startup Organization. The primary objective is nurturing, incubating and funding young digital entrepreneurs. It’s achieved by educating the young entrepreneurs on investing in reasonable goals that are achievable within a specified duration of time by providing the support required both financially and theoretical approaches. It’s important in installing the required skills to the entrepreneur.


Moreover, they help the new entrepreneur’s link with the organization that they can implement their discoveries to become a reality.


Factors behind his success


(a)Skills and Experience


Being a master’s graduate provides Mike with the required skills to nurture the young entrepreneurs globally of as he pockets a lot of knowledge in the industry. Furthermore, having worked in the banking sector for over 15 years in different capacities equipped him with the experience required in running the organization.




His passion and willingness of giving back to the community have ensured that he helps the youths in fulfilling their dreams.



Mike Baur is a keen believer in collaboration and has gone through several partnerships with like-minded organizations in his aim of achieving the best.




Having a defined mission that shows the workforce the direction and ultimate goal has ensured the company propels to the next level.




Mike sacrifice of his time, skills, and finances has boasted the organization as all the leadership and management gaps gets filled.


(e)The ability for teamwork


Being a team player has ensured there is cohesion across the leadership hierarchy. It has made sure that there is maximum co-operation and hence the growth of the organization.




Having been in bank business for a long time has ensured that he has enough connections. It is important as it ensures that the entrepreneurs get a sponsor who sees the innovation put into action.


Mike is a real entrepreneur to watch. His projects are awesome and score with the world’s need.

Michael Hartweg Joins SSUF

Mike Baur is a well-known individual in the world. He is one of the founding partners of the famous institution known as Swiss Start-up Factory. He has worked in the Swiss banking industry for more than twenty years, acquiring a lot of knowledge and experience. At the Swiss Start- Up Factory, Mike Baur is responsible for fundraising and financing. Under his leadership, the company has grown, significantly, earning him much revenue.


The Swiss Start-up Factory was founded in the year 2014. The accelerator company is based in Zurich, and it has transformed the lives of many digital entrepreneurs. The institution looks for some of the thriving businessmen then later offers them exciting and promising opportunities. The company guides the entrepreneur from the first day using they start their partnership until the businessmen are strong to stand on their own. The company has strong networks in Switzerland and other parts of the world, and this makes it possible for the institution to help the upcoming entrepreneurs.


The accelerator company runs a special program for the digital entrepreneurs. The programs mostly take three months. During the three months, the company offers the businessmen a unique platform of great services, mentoring, coaching, office space at the best places in Zurich town and a reliable network that enables them to achieve all their goals.


Michael Hartweg is one of the founders of a company known as Leonteq. Just recently, Michael decided to abandon his company and join the Swiss Start-up Factory. Michael will now be serving in Mike Baur’s company as one of the investors and advisors. He will help companies who want to establish and do well in the modern market. After making this announcement, Michael sold all his stakes in Leonteq and also gave up his operational role in the company.


After quitting his good position at his former company, Michael has become of the individuals who have abandoned the day to day finance entrepreneurship. He will now be one of the investors in the fintech industry. He will now assist founder and many other companies about the fintech industry. Michael Hartweg is currently forty-four years, and he will carefully invest in selected startups that have been developed in the Swiss Factory. He will make sure that they develop to become successful businesses. This year, SSUF is planning to launch an accelerator program that will focus mostly on the fintech companies.


Andy Wirth on Simple Environmental Changes at Squaw Valley

Andy Wirth first came to the Tahoe region as a small kid following through the snow in the big steps of his grandfather. He soon realized that the Tahoe region is a very special place that needs to be protected. As the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, he realized that he can have a large environmental impact on the mountain for eternity. Therefore, he has made some changes at Squaw Valley to help protect the environment.

One of those changes is that Squaw Valley will no longer sell single use water bottles. Those enjoying Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are encouraged to buy a refillable water bottle that can be refilled at many locations around both parks. These water bottles are also a great souvenir to take home.

Andy Wirth says that he realizes that his company sold 28,000 single use water bottles every year. Over 80 percent of those bottles ended up in landfills. A plastic bottle in a landfill can take over 100 years to degrade. In a decade this change will save the production of over eight tons of CO2. Visitors will be able to refill their bottles with Mountain Tap water at various locations around both parks.

Andy says that after he lost his right arm in a skydiving accident, that he realized that the mountain was very precious to him. He wants to make sure that it is taken care of for eternity. Therefore, he embraces this change as a way to take care of the land.

Andy was recently appointed to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. He hopes to use his position on the board to encourage it and other businesses to take small steps to protect the environment. He says that if each business in the region will commit to making one small change, then the consequences can be huge.

Kenneth Goodgame Brings 20 Years of Experience to an Experienced Corporation

Kenneth Goodgame is the Senior Vice President (SVP) and Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO) of True Value Corporation. True Value is a family of retailers with a proud heritage that supports the growth of independent retailers.

They strive to be the best hardware store in every town. True Value builds on their brand by raising the bar for retail experience, focusing on expert advice and customer service, supplying customers with top of the line merchandise, increasing brand recognition through national marketing and actively involving themselves in the communities their serve.

True Value founded the True Value Foundation, which focuses its efforts on underserved youths, improving children’s lives by emphasizing education and community strength. Funds raised by this foundation support the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Painting a Brighter Future and Habitat for Humanity.

Kenneth Goodgame graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville with a degree in Marketing Finance. He started out working for Black & Decker and then moved on to The Home Depot. After a few years between Newell Rubbermaid and TTI, he finally found his home at Ace Hardware, owned by the True Value Corporation.

He was GMM at Ace for a little over 3 years. He oversaw a team of 94 employees and over 1200 vendor and manufacturing partners. While in that position he negotiated a supply contract with KCD, creating a 5-year growth plan. He also led a program designed to drive business and create more profit for Ace retailers.

In 2013, Kenneth Goodgame was made SVP and CMO of the True Value Corporation. He develops and leads retail growth strategies that have a large impact wholesale and retail sales throughout the company. He is known for his consistent track record of dynamic performance with a focus on consumers. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Kenneth Goodgame is an expert at strategic planning, GM management, cost management and in building high performance teams.

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Talk Fusion Helps Facilitate Communications

Communication is even more important in the world today. People need to be able to communicate with others directly now more than ever. This is true no matter where they are at any given period in time. One company that fully understands this need is Talk Fusion. Thus, it was not surprising their innovative technologies have caught the eye of those in the communications industry. Those who watch the industry know that it is imperative to offer customers the kind of help they need to keep moving forward and stay in touch with consumer needs than ever before. In recognition of their efforts, the company has been the recipient of a highly respected award from industry insiders.

A New Award

It is with great pleasure that officials here at Talk Fusion announce that their Video Chat product, one that they know has helped many people, has received the highly impressive Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. The award comes this year and is bestowed on them from the Technology Marketing Corporation. The new award marks the company’s second award this during this year from a highly respected and fully company that is known as one of the most important of all integrated media giants in this growing area.

Supporting People

Established nearly a decade ago, Talk Fusion is a company dedicated to the proposition that all people should have access to a technological platform that helps offer them something special when it comes to communicating with others. They provide products that allow people to speak with family and friends as well as other members of the community all over the globe. They also offer products that allow people to be part of a company that is dedicated to the providing quality items. The products that are offered by the company are products that can be marketed by their associates all over the world via ordinary employees who have found how easy it is to use them. With the help of their associates, people are able to find out about the kind of products they might use from Talk Fusion.

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Talk Fusion Review – Legit Company or Scam?


John Goullet on Diversity in the Workplace

Diversant LLC has named John Goullet as their new leader. John is a graduate of Ursinus College, and he has worked with several firms in the past, including Germini America, 3rd Information Services, the Constell Group and Computer Sciences Inc. Most recently, he has been the head of Info Technologies which he founded and grew into the largest African-American owned informational-technology staffing firm in the United States. Diversant recently purchased Info Technologies. Now, it wants to help Fortune 500 companies increase diversity in the workplace.

One effect of increasing workplace diversity is an increase in productivity. John Goullet urges, however, that this diversity must be carefully managed. He says that groups who increase their productivity are open to new ideas from any level within the company. They are assigned tasks that require that they endorse company values. Then, they are given the freedom to share ideas to accomplish a task.

He says that way too often people think of diversity in the workplace as being based on different ages and ethnicities. Instead, he says that managers should also consider grouping together people of different educational levels and different values to create true diversity. Then, groups are usually less threatened by others value judgements. The result is that they become more willing to share diverse ideas.

John has had years of experience in helping Fortune 500 companies put together diverse groups. He believes that not everything a person knows necessarily comes from within the halls of academia. Therefore, he offers tests to employees allowing them to prove their mastery of a topic.

John looks forward to his time with Diversant. He feels like he can continue to build strong working relationships like he did at Info Technologies where he was often winning awards for his outstanding work.

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New Perks Available to Luxury Buyers in NYC

The New York City real estate market is well known for being fast-paced, expensive, and full of luxury option. While most people are aware of some of the perks that come with luxury real estate, such as park or river views, access to a doorman and security, and high-end finishes, there are several other amenities that are becoming more popular with luxury real estate developments in the city.

One new amenity that is coming with the purchase of high-end properties is the inclusion of a luxury car with the purchase. Some real estate developers are teaming up with local car dealerships to provide luxury autos in a multi-asset purchase. In some cases, individual sellers are also including classic cars as part of the purchase. Recently, a $1 million Rolls Royce sedan was included in the purchase price of a $50 million condo.

Those that are foodies and can afford a high price tag will likely consider buying in the 432 Park Avenue condo development. This condo development will come fully equipped with a five-star restaurant that will only cater to owners and guests of the building. The restaurant has not yet been named, but will be large enough to comfortably accommodate as many residents as needed at any given time.

Due to the challenges of using public transit and getting a cab, some buildings are now catering to residents by providing car services. These services, which will be available 24 hours per day, will allows a resident to take a car to any point in the city. They will likely be services in town cars, Teslas, or other luxury brands.

Those that are looking to purchase a luxury real estate property for either a primary resident, vacation home, or investment property should consider working with Town Residential on NYC real estate. Town Residential is one of the fastest growing boutique real estate firms in New York City.

The company provides a number of brokerage, leasing, and management services to luxury real estate developments throughout the city. The company also provides investors with regular market insight to ensure they make the best investment choice possible.

The Manse on Marsh Wins Another Major Award

The Manse on Marsh in Arroyo Grande, California is an assisted living facility that offers a nationally recognized, unique system to provide each resident with whatever level of care they are in need of. Our well trained staff is ever vigilant to the specific challenges that each individual is faced with and they step in to make their lives easier, by reminding them when it’s meal time, making sure medication is taken, assisting with grooming and baths as well as nursing as needed. In this way, there are no charges for unnecessary services. The living is comfortable and easy, with roomy apartments or private homes, open dining with high quality food, help with housework and laundry and transportation as needed.

Serving the Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo areas, Manse on Marsh has received the ‘Caring Star’ award two years in a row. The basis for winning this award for assisted living and memory care facilities comes from reviews in the Senior Care Directory on Caring.com. In order to be considered for this award in 2016, facilities are required to have received one or more 5-star review from December 1, 2014 through September 30, 2015. Their average rating for all reviews must be greater than 4 stars and they must have resolved any negative reviews received.

Andy Cohen, CEO as well as co-founder of Caring.com, is pleased to provide a way to help folks who are looking for input from others who have family in assisted living communities across America. Recent research shows that most people look online for such help rather than relying on the recommendations of physicians or other medical staff.

The Manse is home to many wonderful people and they are thankful for their families who have taken time out of their busy lives to give our community 5-star reviews consistently.

Bernardo Chua Transforms Coffee Industry

Bernardo Chua has managed to become a leader in the coffee industry that continues to innovate with his growing line of coffee and healthcare products. He has managed to become one of the most prominent direct selling leaders in all of Asia, and the OrganoGold brand is the reason for his success.

The thing that has made people appreciate what he has done is the sheer amount of passion that he has about the products. He has implemented an awards program for the OrganoGold coffee, and this has made more people gravitate towards the brand. It was a good idea to do this because it allows more people to get discounts for the purchases that have been made.

A good number of people are learning about OrganoGold because this is the healthy coffee that comes with healing ingredients. It has become the type of brand that is designed to help many people improve their health. There are also skincare products that are presented by OrganoGold. This is the expansion that has given this brand a global presence in the industry. There are people that are going to take interest in this brand because it is different from the others that are out there.

Chua is someone that has built a name in the direct selling industry because many small coffee shops patronize this brand. This has become the brand that stands out from the others because there are no other companies that offer a healthy coffee brand. Chua has the gourmet coffee and Ganoderma mushroom. These are the things that have helped him excel in this industry. He hasn’t taken any shortcuts. He got the best ingredients that he could get, and customers have become loyal to this reason. LinkedIn paints the picture that Chua has managed to become a coffee leader because of this.

Customers are finding that his coffee products are awesome because these also contain the healing agent that is contained in the coffee. Chua has essentially moved the popularity of the Ganoderma mushroom to the western hemisphere with his powerful marketing skills and rewards program for loyal coffee drinkers.