Paul Herdsman The Outsourcing Expert


Paul Herdsman is an American Entrepreneur. He attended Florida Atlantic University and graduated with a B.A. Mr. Paul Herdsman has a vast background of working for various companies in relation to outsourcing customer service task. This experience over the years has made him somewhat of an expert in customer service outsourcing. Mr. Paul Herdsman took this experience and him and a partner started a company called Nice Global. Nice Global helps it clients outsource customer service related task such as human resources, data entry, in bound sales, technical support, and live chats.


Mr. Herdsman also has a hand in creating entrepreneurs due to the fact that he does outsource these various departments. Nice Global has consistently grown since 2014 the company has had great success in acquiring and keeping new and existing customers. Mr. Herdsman states that being honest with himself and taking an honest inventory or himself and focusing on strengthen prepared him for the role as COO for Nice Global. Mr. Herdsman recognized a need for a stationery company to centralize the process of customer service outsourcing.


Mr. Herdsman believes in the corporate structure and a positive environment. He states that building a strong core of team members and providing an environment with the opportunity for advancement creates a great work environment and culture. Mr. Herdsman as noticed an opportunity for expansion.


He wants to bring this same service that he provides to English speaking clients to Spanish speaking clients. Because of this Mr. Herdsman is considering expanding to a second physical location in a Spanish Speaking country. Refer to This Article for related information.


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