Louis Chenevert Leads UTC through Excellent Leadership Skills

When discussing business, leaders feature in the picture. Such leaders are not just your typical managers. They have tremendous influence in the industry. One such leader is Louis Chenevert. Louis has been an influential leader at United Technologies Corporation. When discussing the company’s leadership, Louis is remembered for his input in the company. According to the serving chief executive officer, Mr. Gregory Hayes, Louis is responsible for some of the best strategies the company has been using to establish a stable platform for the business. (More Louis Chenevert’s Business Successes Past, Present and Future)


Leadership in General

The role of a chief executive officer in an organization includes delivering measurable results. At the same time, the chief executive officer should keep an eye on the long-term success of a firm. When serving clients at United Technologies Corporation, He fostered strong client and organizational relations. Louis Chenevert committed to investing in clients through providing advanced technology for their businesses.


UTC and Leadership

United Technologies Corporation has always recognized that the decision made by a leader today has an impact on the future of the business. At the mention of this subject, UTC and its employees discuss the effect Louis has on the company. Notably, they discuss his input, vision, and mission in the company’s future.



Louis partnered with Pratt & Whitney to develop an engine. This business deal dated 1999 when Louis served as the president of Pratt & Whitney. Louis was visionary. He could tell that the engine, GTF would be something big in the industry. He, therefore, married UTC and Pratt & Whitney when he was trusted to lead UTC. Get More Information Here.


Personal Information

Louis was born in Quebec. The Canadian business professional pursued business administration and production management from the prestigious, HEC Montreal. This institution is affiliated with the Business School of Montreal University. Louis then acquired a doctorate honoris from HEC Montreal. In 2014, he earned honoris causa.



Louis served at General Motors. He worked for 14 years before joining Pratt & Whitney. When he joined the company in 1993, he became president. He served for about five years before joining United Technologies Corporation. In this company has was the chief executive officer, director as well as the president. In 2010, he was the lead executive of the board.



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Learning About Hussain Sajwani And His Work With DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani looks to Dubai for inspiration as he works to bring his ideas to life. He sees the city as something that has done well and that is working toward a bright future. Hussain Sajwani is the Owner of DAMAC Properties, a global property development company. He is a graduate of the University of Washington. He is a leader when it comes to property market expansion in the city of Dubai. He is someone who grew up helping out with the business that his family was running, and doing that helped to inspire him to take on entrepreneurial work.

The typical day of a man like Hussain Sajwani involves him working with his management team. He has shared that he spends much of the day getting caught up on what is going on and hearing news regarding his company. He also spends the day getting to know those who are a part of the community around him and making connections there.

Hussain Sajwani has shared that he believes that every success and every failure that he has come through have helped him to become who he is today. He is someone who sees both the successes and the failures as being part of who he is and part of the necessary journey to get where he is at. He is someone who likes to learn new things and try out things that he has not done before. He has shared that he is someone who likes to reinvent himself and become a new version of himself over and over again.

When he was questioned about advice that he would give to those who would like to find success, Hussain Sajwani shared that he believes that investing in real estate is a good idea. He feels that investing in real estate in those cities that are prosperous can be a good idea for anyone and one that leads to success. He believes that it is better to invest in real estate sooner rather than later as property values always jump up.

More on Hussain Sajwani: https://www.arabnewsexpress.ae/%E2%80%ABحسين-سجواني،-رئيس-مجلس-إدارة-شركة-د/

Oxford Club: Become a Member to Gain Beneficial Financial Insight

Oxford Club was established in the year of 1989, and it is a vast private network of entrepreneurs and investors from across the globe. The primary aim of the Oxford Club is to help its member not only protect their money but also improve them with their long-term financial and wealth creation goals.

The financial markets are tricky and due to this volatility, it can be quite unnerving as to where to invest and how much. The availability of so many different types of investment options can be confusing for the investors, but not at Oxford Club, because here times tested investment strategies and practices are recommended to the members. It has been successfully getting the results for its members, and in this article, we would be discussing these strategies in brief.

One of the first strategies that Oxford Club suggests is that one should always have a diversified investment portfolio. The diversification of investments should not only be regarding sectors but also regarding risks. It mitigates the chances of unbearable loss during sluggish or slow market. One other strategy that Oxford Club suggest is that there should be position sizing, and one should know how much they should invest in a particular asset class, whether it is stocks, bonds, precious metals, or anything else. The investors should also be ready with an exit strategy when they invest.

Any investment without an exit strategy is a waste as booking profits would be difficult in such a case. Most of all, the Oxford Club helps its members to understand how to minimize their investment costs. Most of the investments come with an attached price as well as taxes. At Oxford Club, the members are provided with time-tested strategies on what can be done to reduce investment costs while saving taxes on it at the same time.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina

A highly respected and well known dental surgeon, Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in 1950, in Tanzania and started practicing as a dental surgeon in 1975, with training at the Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School in London. He carried on his dental practice for many years in England. As time passed, his interest as an entrepreneur led him to the health-care sector as a whole, with volunteer work at the Aga Khan and Jamati Institutions In his career, his commitment to work and experience has given him the opportunity to be a part of many institutions where he honed his management and leadership skills.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina founded Sussex Healthcare in 1985. The mission of this center is to help the elderly and adults with neurological and learning disabilities in the community. Dr. Sachedina started this facility to provide help to the aging community. The center also offers reflexology, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Under the leadership of Dr. Sachedina, the center has treated 300,000+ individuals. In addition, an extension of the center opened a daycare service in Broadbridge Heath in West Susses, offering residential and outreach placement for neurologically challenged adults. Plans are also in the works for a treatment center of individuals suffering from autism and younger individuals with learning disabilities.

Dr. Sachedina also heads the French Department of Jamati Institutions at the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khaninfo- icon at Aiglemont. There he coordinates programs and activities in 16 main areas of the Ismaili community’s institution. He also interacts with the Aga Kahn Development Network programs and the Ismaili community institutions in Central Asia.

Dr. Sachedina is a member of the Institute’s Board of Governors and maintains several positions working for the community of Ismaili Imamainfoicon. This includes committee membership with the Aga Kahn Development Network (AKDN). He is also chairman of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee, as well as a member of Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum.

A delegation led by Dr Sachedina, as a personal representative of the Nizari Ismailis Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, during October of 2017, met with Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East and Africa Mikhail Bogdanov. Here they discussed current situations in the Middle East, emphasizing the development of Afghanistan and Syria. Dr. Sachedina gave praise to Russia’s position favoring quick and peaceful resolutions for fighting terrorism and extremism.

Find more about Shafik Sachedina: https://vimeo.com/shafiksachedina

A Look at SahmAdrangi’s Success Story

SahmAdrangi is an investor and the man behind the establishment of Kerrisdale Capital Management where he currently serves as the Chief Investment Officer. Since its inception, Sahm has been actively involved in making it grow to the enormous company handling $150 million as at July 2017 from a mere $1 million. His popularity mainly lies in short selling and publishing research. He shares the perspective of his firm on stocks. His research aims at fixing delusions about these companies’ essential business views. The exploration can be accessed through the company’s website, Twitter, and third-party investing-related sites.

While the company shares research on a variety of businesses and industries, Sahm has in recent years concentrated on the efforts made by Kerrisdale in specific sectors where they have become experts. The sectors they have mostly focused on are the biotechnology, mining, and telecommunication. Apart from publication of research, politicking is another area that Sahm has ventured into in various investments. One such deed of activism is where he affianced with Lindsay Corporation Management in 2013 in improving their disposition of cash and strategies concerning allocating funds. In 2014, in a bid to take out the directors of Morgans Hotel Group, he steered a dissent which saw two board members from his slate being voted.

He began his profession in economics in credit at Deutsche Bank where he was very successful and facilitated loan debt funding. He also worked as a member of advising creditor committee on insolvency and out-of-court streamlining occasions with Chanin Capital Partners. The experience he gained from the positions he held made him secure a job at debt hedge fund. He started endowing in the hedge fund in June 2010. He mainly concentrated on the dark world of Chinese reverse mergers. These companies had made their way without being vetted into North American bourses through merging with other listed entities. It is this focus that shows him gain fame.

He has also been a motivational speaker at many conferences and has appeared in prominent media houses for an interview. All in all, he is one investor that one can learn a lot from.

The Accomplishments of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert, a Canadian businessman graduated from HEC Montreal which is an affiliated Business School of the University of Montreal was born in Quebec. He is a holder of bachelor’s degree in production management. He serves as the Chairman of HEC Montreal’s International Advisory Board alongside being the Chairman of the university’s friends Board of Directors.

Professional Tenure

From April 1999 straight through to March 2006, Louis Chenevert worked as the President of Pratt & Whitney Canada. Prior to this, he had been with the company for 6 years since he joined its team. Before starting to work with Pratt & Whitney, Louis served for 14 years at General Motors as the Production General Manager of the company’s St. Therese operation.

After joining United Technologies in March 2006, Louis Chenevert was elected President and Chief Executive Office in 2008 and later as the Chairman in 2010. He served the company with great accomplishments to December 8th 2014 when he stepped down and got replaced by Edward Kangas, the former director.

In September 2015, he took up the role of an Exclusive Advisor in the Merchant Banking Division at Goldman Sachs. This got him to be in a position of targeting chances in the aerospace and industrial sectors alongside advising other businesses.


Louis Chenevert laid a strong foundation at UTC which has enabled the company to concur the market and gain competitive benefits that originates from the plans applied during his reign. Chenevert’s legacy has at UTC has continued to thrive.

While at UTC, he sought to invest in people other than in the most advanced technology alone. One of his personal mission was to apply his experience and knowledge in making great advancements in UTC and to leave it being much better than he got it.

Some of his great works included:-

  •  The Employee Scholar Program
  • The GTF engine,
  • The acquisition of Goodrich


Louis Chenevert’s past work places and leadership skills enabled him to succeed in directing UTC through the hard economic setting and ensuring it successfully achieved its aims and surviving the worst situations.

Gregory Aziz, A Visionary Leader Who Has Steered National Steel Car To Greater Heights

Greg Aziz is a Canadian born entrepreneur who has been actively involved in the corporate world since 1970. Greg was born in 1949 in the city of London, Ontario and is currently the Chairperson of National Industries and also serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. National Steel Car is a world-renowned company that specializes in the manufacture of steel tanks and railroad cars. The company is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario. James Aziz did not come from a well of family and as a result, pursued his education at Ridley College where his passion for economics grew. Greg followed his passion, and when he furthered his education to higher levels, he still studied economics. Greg holds a Bachelors of Economics Degree from the University of Western Ontario. Get More Info Here.



Greg early life had an impact on his career as the top executive at National Steel Car. Greg joined his family-owned business Affiliated Foods where he gained a lot of managerial skills which was coupled up with his educational background as an economist. Greg worked in the family business for 16 years during which he helped the company grow to be one of the leading importer and distributor of fresh food supplies. The experience at Affiliated Foods made Greg yearn to have a company of his own.




Greg James Aziz would later find himself in the city of New York where he started working for several banking institutions as a financial investor. It is at New York that Aziz dream of owning his company became a reality. In the Year 1994, Gregory J Aziz acquired National Steel Car from Dofasco. The company at that time was not doing very well and was on the verge of collapsing. Very few people would take the risk of investing in a company that is about to wind up but Greg being a visionary entrepreneur new that he stood the chance of reviving the company. Gregory J Aziz took the challenge and within five years was able to transform the company and built an excellent reputation for National Steel Car. Greg steered the company to greater heights by significantly improving the production capacity from the previous 3,500 units to about 12,000 units annually. The company workforce also grew significantly from 600 workers to nearly 3000.


Greg James Aziz is also a philanthropist and has taken part in a myriad of charitable activities. Greg together with his family is committed to helping the people of Hamilton.

Here’s How James Gregory Has Contributed to the Success of National Steel Car Company

Gregory James Aziz is one of the lucky serving Chief Executive Officers of National Steel Car. He is also the chairman and the president of the company. Born in 1949, Greg Aziz attended Ridley College and then studied economics at Western University of Ontario. He is married to Irene, and they are the real sponsors of the prominent Canadian Royal Agricultural Winter Fair show.


In the year 1971, he and his family dealt in in an affiliated food business. Their family company attained a gradual growth in the next sixteen years and became the global importer of fresh foods from America and Europe. Also, their family company distributed fresh foods on wholesale in the United States.


Gregory J Aziz worked on various banking and investment opportunities in New York. He was responsible for the buying of National steel from the previous owner, Dofasco, in the year 1994. The purchase of this company changed the famous Canadian company to be the significant North America’s car manufacturing company. National steel car is a large and capable vehicle manufacturing company. It has a well-established engineering capability, strong capital base, and experienced human resource at its disposal. By the year 1999, it had already increased its car manufacturing capacity from the original 3500 to 12000 annually. Employment opportunities improved from as low as six hundred to three thousand workers.


The company has been dealing in car manufacturing and engineering over the last hundred years. The company’s excellency in car manufacturing and engineering has earned it enormous reputation from several customers. It is considered to be the top North America’s railroad car manufacturers. The company has invested heavily in technology, and this has improved its innovation, dynamism, and diversification. Refer to This Web Page for More Info.

The company also offers various cars services. They include freight car components, spare parts fixing, and supplying parts. The car parts supplied are body bolsters, brake piping, wheelsets, trucks, and fulcrum brackets and much more. The company is depended upon by many car users because it deals in almost all car parts for different vehicles. The parts offered are quality and of value. National Steel Car Company was honored with TTX SECO award for its consistency in service delivery since 1996. The company is trusted by many customers in North America under the leadership of Gregory J Aziz.


The company serves Hamilton community, and it has given back to the community by sponsoring many projects such as United Way, Theatre Aquarius, Salvation Army and various community charities. The company organizes Christmas party annually which is attended by company employers and their children to contribute food to the charity organization.

Learn More: https://www.behance.net/greg-aziz

Hussain Sajwani Making the World Better Through Real Estate and Philanthropy

United Arab Emirates national Hussain Sajwani is the founding father and chairman of one of the largest real estate company in the country DAMAC Properties. Mr. Hussain Sajwani established DAMAC Properties in 2002 and had made huge progress in the real estate industry in UAE and the world at large. From a simple property development company, DAMAC currently prides itself when it comes to private luxury real estate development and ownership not only in the Middle East but also in the world at large.


Hussain Sajwani is a Washington University graduate where he studied Economics and Industrial Engineering. Immediately after graduating, Mr. Hussain Sajwani was employed by GASCO a branch of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company as their contracts manager. He worked for a while before leaving to start his catering venture in 1982. In the food business, Sajwani attracted clients such as Bechtel and the U.S. military. It is while in the food business that Mr. Hussain saw the opportunity to venture into the real estate industry to create hotels and accommodation for the influx of businesses people visiting UAE.


Since forming DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani has worked on a number of high-end development projects. One recent project that requires a special mention is the Trump International Golf Course Dubai which was officially commissioned in 2017. Hussain Sajwani is also working on Trump World Golf Course with a possible date of completion being 2018. These two projects have been able to bring the family of Sajwani and President’s Trumps family close with the two families sharing vacation destination recently.


In addition to having a reputation in the real estate industry, the DAMAC owner is also renowned for his philanthropic activities. Three things Sajwani cares for include arts and cultural heritage, childhood education and provision of shelter. In 2013, Sajwani donated over AED 2 million to the Prime Minister of UAE, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed supporting a course that will clothe over 50,000 needy children. In addition to this, Sajwani also runs a family nonprofit organization known as the Sajwani Family foundation where Mr. Sajwani together with his wife is actively involved with the operations of the organization.


Visit http://www.damac.com/ to learn more.

National Steel Car- Transformation Under Gregory Aziz Management

National Steel Car is a corporation that has seen the better part of the last century. Formed in 1q912, National Steel Car is one of the oldest companies in the North America region. The company beat all the odds to survive over one hundred years. National Steel Car has been able to stay on top of the game for all those years due to a firm foundation that the corporation was built on. For all the years that National Steel Car has been operations, not a single time has it ever collapsed like other corporations that existed during that era. In fact, very few companies have been able to transition successfully through the 20th and into the 21st century. Many companies have collapsed due to technological changes that have been witnessed especially in the early years of the 21st century. Many companies could not catch up with the rate at which technology was developing and was automatically rendered obsolete. Read More On This Page.



National Steel Car was placed under new management in 1994 when it was bought by one of the best investors and entrepreneurs in Canada. Gregory James Aziz bought the company from another group known as Dofasco. After acquiring the company, he made it his number one role to renovate and reconstruct the company so that its operations would coincide with those expected of such a huge corporation.


The first changes that Greg Aziz made after acquiring the firm was to put up a technological transformation plan for the company. To achieve this transformation, he had to pump millions of dollars into the firm to ensure that the technology that was being used was up to date. To achieve the success that he wanted, he had also to invest in recruiting a human resource team that was dedicated the mission that he had set out to accomplish.



National Steel Car under Greg J Aziz has been able to transform the operations of the firm in a very big way. After five years of operations, he had managed to make the organizations transform its production capacity by a huge margin. The corporation in just a matter of five years had improved the production capacity of the firm from three thousand to over twelve thousand. On top of that, they had managed to recruit more people from the Ontario area.

National Steel Car is a reputable company that have been receiving awards for its ability to create quality products for thirteen years in a row, National Steel Car was the winner of the prestigious TTX SECO awards.