Andy Wirth on Simple Environmental Changes at Squaw Valley

Andy Wirth first came to the Tahoe region as a small kid following through the snow in the big steps of his grandfather. He soon realized that the Tahoe region is a very special place that needs to be protected. As the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, he realized that he can have a large environmental impact on the mountain for eternity. Therefore, he has made some changes at Squaw Valley to help protect the environment.

One of those changes is that Squaw Valley will no longer sell single use water bottles. Those enjoying Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are encouraged to buy a refillable water bottle that can be refilled at many locations around both parks. These water bottles are also a great souvenir to take home.

Andy Wirth says that he realizes that his company sold 28,000 single use water bottles every year. Over 80 percent of those bottles ended up in landfills. A plastic bottle in a landfill can take over 100 years to degrade. In a decade this change will save the production of over eight tons of CO2. Visitors will be able to refill their bottles with Mountain Tap water at various locations around both parks.

Andy says that after he lost his right arm in a skydiving accident, that he realized that the mountain was very precious to him. He wants to make sure that it is taken care of for eternity. Therefore, he embraces this change as a way to take care of the land.

Andy was recently appointed to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. He hopes to use his position on the board to encourage it and other businesses to take small steps to protect the environment. He says that if each business in the region will commit to making one small change, then the consequences can be huge.

Kenneth Goodgame Brings 20 Years of Experience to an Experienced Corporation

Kenneth Goodgame is the Senior Vice President (SVP) and Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO) of True Value Corporation. True Value is a family of retailers with a proud heritage that supports the growth of independent retailers.

They strive to be the best hardware store in every town. True Value builds on their brand by raising the bar for retail experience, focusing on expert advice and customer service, supplying customers with top of the line merchandise, increasing brand recognition through national marketing and actively involving themselves in the communities their serve.

True Value founded the True Value Foundation, which focuses its efforts on underserved youths, improving children’s lives by emphasizing education and community strength. Funds raised by this foundation support the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Painting a Brighter Future and Habitat for Humanity.

Kenneth Goodgame graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville with a degree in Marketing Finance. He started out working for Black & Decker and then moved on to The Home Depot. After a few years between Newell Rubbermaid and TTI, he finally found his home at Ace Hardware, owned by the True Value Corporation.

He was GMM at Ace for a little over 3 years. He oversaw a team of 94 employees and over 1200 vendor and manufacturing partners. While in that position he negotiated a supply contract with KCD, creating a 5-year growth plan. He also led a program designed to drive business and create more profit for Ace retailers.

In 2013, Kenneth Goodgame was made SVP and CMO of the True Value Corporation. He develops and leads retail growth strategies that have a large impact wholesale and retail sales throughout the company. He is known for his consistent track record of dynamic performance with a focus on consumers. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Kenneth Goodgame is an expert at strategic planning, GM management, cost management and in building high performance teams.

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John Goullet on Diversity in the Workplace

Diversant LLC has named John Goullet as their new leader. John is a graduate of Ursinus College, and he has worked with several firms in the past, including Germini America, 3rd Information Services, the Constell Group and Computer Sciences Inc. Most recently, he has been the head of Info Technologies which he founded and grew into the largest African-American owned informational-technology staffing firm in the United States. Diversant recently purchased Info Technologies. Now, it wants to help Fortune 500 companies increase diversity in the workplace.

One effect of increasing workplace diversity is an increase in productivity. John Goullet urges, however, that this diversity must be carefully managed. He says that groups who increase their productivity are open to new ideas from any level within the company. They are assigned tasks that require that they endorse company values. Then, they are given the freedom to share ideas to accomplish a task.

He says that way too often people think of diversity in the workplace as being based on different ages and ethnicities. Instead, he says that managers should also consider grouping together people of different educational levels and different values to create true diversity. Then, groups are usually less threatened by others value judgements. The result is that they become more willing to share diverse ideas.

John has had years of experience in helping Fortune 500 companies put together diverse groups. He believes that not everything a person knows necessarily comes from within the halls of academia. Therefore, he offers tests to employees allowing them to prove their mastery of a topic.

John looks forward to his time with Diversant. He feels like he can continue to build strong working relationships like he did at Info Technologies where he was often winning awards for his outstanding work.

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How Three Georgetown Graduates Have Turned Sweetgreen into a Multi-Million Dollar Company

Sweetgreen owes its success to three dedicated undergraduates from Georgetown University. Fresh from college, the trio combined their efforts and embarked on a commendable path to success. Jonathan Neman, Nicolas Jammet and Nathaniel Ru serve as the company’s directors. Each is assigned specific roles that resonate with their skills and expertise.


The enterprise is currently one of America’s fascinating establishments. Sweetgreen initially commenced business in 2007 with a single shop in Georgetown. Friends and family were major sources of funding for the rapidly developing company. 31 shops countrywide are a testament of its success. More importantly, the trio plan to expand to 40 shops by the end of the year.


The company’s directors have managed to raise $ 95 million after three rounds of investment funding. The company’s CEO, Nicolas Jammet, was recently interviewed on key factors responsible for success. The firm’s inception was based on the need to prepare excellent food off campus. An entrepreneurial family background has been essential in shaping up their destiny. They shifted their attention to setting up their own business as opposed to the conventional options of seeking employment.


Ingredients for Success


Jammet lauds discipline as a core factor to success. Having an idea is one thing, but perfectly executing it is an entirely different thing. Sweetgreen aims at providing delicious and nutritious salads to its customers. In addition, they capitalized on poor marketing from various brands in the industry. Possession of a detailed concept serves as a solid foundation for success.


Sweetgreen has incorporated various elements such as employment of qualified staff, effective marketing and provision of high quality salads. In addition, the company strives at developing good customer relations in its quest to meeting their needs. An ethical code of conduct is adopted in promoting professional relationships with suppliers and workers.

Jammet credits hard work as an integral component to success. He advises entrepreneurs to commit themselves when setting up businesses. They ought to be passionate about their ideas and defend their beliefs. Sweetgreen bases its services on a fascinating lifestyle, reliable brand and a profound vision. The firm has embraced technology as customers can place orders online.


Up-close with Nathaniel Ru


Nathaniel Ru serves as the company’s co-Founder and co-CEO. He has diversified his portfolio by investing in several enterprises such as MeUndies, LOLA, EatPops and Bond Street. He encourages young entrepreneurs to identify talented individuals and harness their efforts in meeting needs of customers. They also need to stay updated by reading business articles on a regular basis. Specialization and division of labor is also vital in stimulating growth for any startup.


Don Ressler Brings Fabletics to The World

Don Ressler has built a successful portfolio of start-up companies, such as Intelligent Beauty and Fabletics., his debut start-up company, was sold to Intermix Media back in 2001. Afterwards Ressler joined forces with Adam Goldenberg and created Alena Media, another start-up. As an ecommerce and performance based advertising entity, the start-up was very successful and earned millions of dollars in profit. In 2005, Intermix was sold to News Corp, which left the duo’s hard work rendered to null as the start-up they had driven to success was completely left in the dust.

The two were beyond disappointed, and having no loyalty for the new company, News Corp, the two began to seek out new and fresh opportunities. Ressler and Goldenberg knew they would be fine, both having the skills needed to do extremely well in the performance marketing online. After the decision was made to create an empire to establish a brand, Adam Goldenberg and Ressler brought together some of the old colleague’s from the days of working with Alena Media. Goldenberg’s living room was host to a idea generating meeting, and no more that two weeks after, the beginnings of Intelligent Beauty were fleshed out. At that time is was called Brand Ideas.

Ressler and Goldenberg began with a start-up called DERMSTORE, which catered to the cosmetic and skincare markets. After a couple of years spent getting DERMSTORE established, the team created SENSA, a start-up focusing on weight loss. With SENSA they brought Dr. Alan Hirsch to the team to help develop the product. Brett Brewer, who was also founder of Intermix, joined the team and took place as CEO of SENSA. Both companies are reported to have found high levels of success and profits.

Technology Crossover Ventures was so impressed with their success that they contributed $43 million to the the company.

A third start-up was created back in 2010, which was an online retailer focusing on the fashion sector and using a subscription model. This start-up was named JustFab as stated at

With success in every venture they dug their hands into, the JustFab company began looking for ways to break into other markets. After noticing that a growing number of their members had children, they bought out a similar company that focused on a subscription model focusing on fashion for children. FabKids emerged in 2013. Following was the acquisition of The Fab Shoes, which came with 500,000 subscribers in Spain and France, which fit nicely with the 1 and a half million members throughout JustFab’s European member base.

This success led to the collaboration of Don Ressler with Kate Hudson on Fabletics, an athletic fashion based subscription start-up.


Kate Hudson’s *one* tip to stay fit is genius


The UK Is Considering A New Trade Agreement With Brazil But Nothing Will Happen Until Brexit Is Resolved With The EU

Brazil is still the fifth largest country in the world and the sixth largest economy, even though the Gross Domestic Product Growth will be a negative number in 2016. But the GDP is still larger than India and China when it is compared on a per head basis. There are a number of UK companies operating in Brazil. Shell, Rolls Royce, BP, Rexam, JCB, BG Group and Experian are just a few of the large UK companies that have a presence in Brazil. About 400 of the 500 largest corporations in the world operate in Brazil. Even though Brazil is going through the worst depression in ten decades, world bankers believe the country will be one of the world’s dominant economies by 2050. Flavio Maluf, the CEO of the building supply company, Eucatex, agrees with that forecast. Eucatex plays a major role in the building supply industry in Brazil, and the company is also one of the country’s leading exporters.

Eucatex one of the largest producers of partitions, floors, MDP and MDF panels, doors, paints, and varnishes. The company has more than 2,000 employees, and the product line is exported to more than 40 countries, according to CEO Flavio Maluf. Eucatex operates five environmentally friendly factories in the interior of the State of São Paulo, and in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, as well as in the State of Pernambuco. Flavio Maluf has been the president of the company since 1997. Maluf has been the catalyst that has made the company such a strong exporter and environmentally friendly company.

Brazil’s main trading partners have been the European Union and China over the last four years. But now that the United Kingdom is leaving the EU, Britain can develop new trade agreements and Flavio Maluf thinks Brazil will be one of the first countries the Brits call on for all kinds of products. No one is sure when the UK will be able to act on its own in the global market. Some people say it may be two years before that happens, but Flavio Maluf is talking to his British clients’ and developing new ones now.

Helane Morrison Is Working To Restore Investor’s Confidence

In an article recently posted on XRepublic about Helane Morrison, it is stated that she currently serves as Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel of Hall Capital Partners. The article goes over what Ms. Morrison has done for Hall Capital since she joined in 2007. The reason Helane joined Hall Capital was for the firm’s diverse leadership culture in the world of financing. After the market crash in 2007-2008, she realized that investors still weren’t confident with financial professionals; 9 years later. Her goal is to restore that confidence and believes she found the right home at Hall Captial to it happen. Helane Morrison is leading the way for women in the financial world to do some good. Read the whole article on XRebpulic here.

She was born in Brooklyn, New York. She went to Northwestern University, where she got her Bachelor’s Degree in journalism. In 1984, Morrison got her Juris Doctor and was the editor-in-chief for the California Law Review at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. In 1987, she was accepted to the State Bar of California.

Ms. Morrison began her career in law as a law clerk for Richard A. Posner of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circut from, 1984 – 1985. She then became a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun from, 1985 – 1986. In 1986, she joined the law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin in San Francisco. In 1991, Morrison was made a partner and remained with them until 1996.
In 1996, Morrison joined SEC as the head of regional enforcement activities of San Francisco Distract Office. In 1999, she was promoted to district administrator. She was then promoted again and named regional director, and stayed there until 2007.
In 2007, she joined Hall Capital Partners LLC, to serve as general counsel and chief compliance officer. She is also the managing director and member of the executive committee.

Helane Morrison keeps her personal life private, which is a quality not enough public figures have. She has funded different scholars in business and law school.
She is a member of the Board of Reginal Parks Foundation. Periodically, she is a speaker on the topics of compliance and issues that affect investment advisors and private funds.

Understanding Critical Importance of Investment Banking With Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is part of the banking sector that plays crucial roles of advising companies, individuals, corporations, charitable firms, and governments in matters regarding raising capital to improve businesses. Investment banks are very distinct from typical retail and commercial banks, as they are not involved in taking deposits or issuance of money. Majorly, investment banking deals with financial advisory, debt and equity financing, security trading, and mergers and acquisition services. Investment banking concept has existed for a while, and it is a quite broad field.

Investment bankers are professionals with training and knowledge concerning investment banking. It is critical for your investment banker to be conversant with financial services. When choosing investment bankers to walk you through investment banking venture, certain factors need to be taken into consideration. They include experience and reputation of the firm and the team of financial advisors.

Martin Lustgarten has emerged as one of the world’s most renowned investment banker. He has mastered the genre of investment banking and carefully perfected it. Numerous sources cite his prowess when it comes to giving financial advisory and investment banking insights. However, what has set him apart from a pool of impressive bankers is his ability to put his clients’ objectives first before chasing profit. This has enabled him to create enormous relationships based on trust with broad clientele base that cut across various industries.

Lustgarten is the CEO and the president of LUSTGARTEN, a leading investment bank that has continued to expand immensely on global platforms. The company is based in Florida, but due to increased demands for its services, it has established global partnerships in Panama, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

When it comes to investing banking, Lustgarten features a unique approach. First, it calls for an in-depth understanding of finance and financial services in the client’s sector of operation. Secondly, he considers the risk involved thoroughly by assessing and calculating the risk of loss. This helps his clients prepare in advance for any possible consequences.

If you are interested in investment banking tips from the industry guru, you can follow Lustgarten on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. He discusses critical investment issues, sheds some insights on various financial matters, and keep in touch with his clients.

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Diversant and John Goullet providing Diversity in IT

Diversant is one of the largest African-American owned IT staffing firms located in the United States today. President John Goullet is one of the major movers behind helping the company offer one of the widest range of diversity products and IT staffing solutions. They can help to augment your current staff, provide direct hires for your company and offer groundbreaking diversity solutions. This is a company that is on the cutting edge of diversity deployment in the IT field.

In the quest to provide the highest level of service for their customers, Diversant has long operated under a list of principles that has worked to guide them in their day to day operations. One of the core beliefs that they have about all successful operations is that diversity needs to be valued completely in all its forms. They are committed to the successful outcome for client problems and they do this by taking advantage of their team driven atmosphere to offer the most effective business solutions for any client’s particular needs. All of their services are designed with the needs of their clients in mind and that is priority number one.

Goullet is the Principal behind the business. He has a long record of success in the IT industry and has been working in the IT industry as a consultant or staffing for over 25 years. He was able to found and grow his first company, Info Technologies to a worth of $30 million. The business focused on IT staffing for Fortune 500 companies all across the nation. It was in 2010 that Info Technologies merged with Diversant to provide the best in IT solutions and diversity. He was following his passion for creating a new business environment that would be successful. They have successfully been able to provide services in an IT industry that is continually evolving and changing.

This success of Diversant has been built on the foundation of diversity which provides a company with the power to harness unique creative thinking, find innovation that others lack and to find more creative problem solving tactics. That is why they offer a list of programs that are some of the most innovative and creative in the IT industry.

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Using Handy for Your Spring Cleaning Needs

Spring cleaning is an absolute necessity for all homeowners and business owners. The reason for this is because it can be difficult to get your home cleaned and kept cleaned after a long winter season. During the winter, you probably keep everything locked up with the windows closed. Because of this, dirt and dust can hide in places you might not otherwise see. This is why it is often a good idea for you to hire a company like Handy and begin working with their professionals to see if they can fit your many needs.

Once you work with Handy, you will wonder why you have never hired a professional cleaning company in the past. The reason for this is because they do all that they can to ensure that your home looks amazing and is not going to be cluttered in any way, shape or form. They also work with spring cleaning and can thoroughly deep clean the house or office of your choosing. Make sure that you work with Handy so that they are able to help you with this important and much-needed project. There are a lot of reasons to consider Handy for this specific service, so make sure that you contact them to find out more about prices.

When contacting Handy, you will also find that they have a helpful mobile app, allowing you to get what you need from a smartphone or tablet device. Once downloaded, you will be able to find out when and how to hire a professional cleaning agent and then pay them over the app or website as well. In general, Handy has made it simple and practically effortless for you to get what you need and a home that you can feel comfortable living in with your loved ones by your side. This is why a lot of people have chosen to work with Handy and are making great strides to ensure that they are living in a home that is both comfortable and clean without having to do all of the heavy work on their own when they do not have the time.

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