Waiakea’s Contribution to Preserving the Environment

Today, the bottled water industry is worth $100 million. Yesterday, no one would have thought to buy water in a bottle, they would just run the very clean water from the tap. So, based on the size of the industry, many brands are looking for an edge over the competition. Waiakea water has definitely discovered that edge. Where the water comes from plus how it’s filtered and now what it’s bottled in are all contributing to pushing Waiakea top the top of the crowd.

Waiakea water comes from aquifers near the Mauna Loa Volcanic region in Hawaii. The water runs through 14,000 feet of lava rock before it reaches the bottom. While traveling to its destination the acidic qualities are removed and the water is naturally alkaline. In addition to being water that is naturally alkaline, as it makes its way through the lava rock minerals are added. As the water makes its way to its final destination it picks up about 30mg per bottle of silica, magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium.

Waiakea water is harvested from a very secluded location, so it is pure clean water that is filtered through natural means. The water originates from remote mountain streams before it reaches the aquifers. The water is more than 1,000 miles away from any source of pollution. It is water that is naturally clean with the addition of unaffected alkaline minerals.

Waiakea took their bottled water a step further than the other brands. It bottled the water in 100% degradable bottles. The first bottled drink company to perfect the technology and use it. It’s expected the first degradable Waiakea water bottles will start selling this year. When they hit the stands, consumer can drink water with confidence and when they discard the bottle it won’t sit in landfills for the next 100 years. Waiakea’s bottles degrade in 15 years, a far cry from what we’ve been experiencing.

The more brands that adopt this technology, the cleaner the environment has the potential to be. Right now eight million tons of plastic find their way into our oceans each year. With Waiakea’s contribution, even if the dumping persists, it won’t be as harmful to the environment.

Waiakea Water Makes Exciting Announcement

Waiakea Inc. is the first Hawaiian volcanic water company. Waiakea offers premium water that is healthy and sustainable. The water contains natural minerals and electrolytes. Waiakea has a unique design, and is sourced through a Kea’au aquifer. Waiakea has been certified as carbon neutral.

Waiakea is also known for its ethical attributes and philanthropic initiatives. Waiakea consistently donates water to the less fortunate through Pump Aid. Waiakea is at the forefront of promoting clean water access to people throughout the world. Waiakea also helps different non profit organizations in the community.

Waiakea has won many prestigious awards. They have been honored by the National Restaurant Association, Beverage World, and Good Morning America, among others. Waiakea has also been featured in magazine publications such as People, Food Navigator and Forbes. Waiakea is available in over 20 states throughout the U.S.

Recently, Waiakea Inc. announced that they will release a fully recyclable and degradable plastic bottle. The innovative launch shows that Waiakea is committed to obtaining total sustainability. The Chief Executive Officer of Waiakea, Ryan Emmons, says that the company will help the degradation process accelerate, which in turn will help the plastic’s lifespan. Waiakea is a partner of TimePlast, a patented additive for the nano-degradation of plastic throughout the World. The bottles will degrade at a much faster rate than regular plastic bottles. Waiakea is promoting sustainable waste management. Waiakea will be trying out TimePlast’s nano-additive.

TimePlast’s additive will cause the chemical bonds to have less sophisticated links during the manufacturing process. This will shorten the time frame that it takes for plastic to dissolve into wax. Waiakea’s new bottles will have a reduced impact on the environment.

The new bottles will still resemble the traditional plastic bottles in many aspects. The change will also help out plantae and fungi, due to the ocean uptake. The creator of TimePlast, Manuel Rendon, says the collaboration between TimePlast and Waiakea has been years in the making. Waiakea is hopeful that the collaboration will add to more people using the technology.

Waiakea Bottled Water: Much More Than Water

When Ryan Emmons founded Waiakea in 2012, he had much more than bottled water in mind. Ryan founded the company with two ideals. First, to bottle the water that he loves so much and share it’s unique health properties with the world. Secondly, Ryan started the company with an eco friendly state of mind. Waiakea is the only certified carbon neutral bottled water company in America and recently made it in the top 500 of Inc 5000 fastest growing companies list. The numbers second this as Waiakea has seen an unprecedented 1,059.3% growth between 2014 – 2016.

Of course it’s not hard to see why Waiakea has had such rapid growth. Waiakea is about as near perfect a liquid for the human body as someone can get. The water itself starts as runoff from the snows of volcanic Mauna Loa. The water runs through multiple levels of porous lava, which creates naturally alkaline water with a wonderful taste. Waiakea has a natural Ph of 8.8 and is loaded with minerals and electrolytes for optimal body health.

Waiakea has plans to be 100% eco-friendly by the end of this year with biodegradable bottles for a no waste experience. Waiakea is currently sold online. Customers can either choose a monthly plan or a one time delivery and have Waiakea delivered right the their doorsteps. For every liter that a customer buys, Waiakea donates 650 liters to people in need. Among the charitable works that Waiakea is involved in are: reforestation projects, helping other companies reduce their carbon footprint and bring those companies emissions to zero, and most prominently, Waiakea works with Pump Aid to bring Wells and pumps to underprivileged people in rural Africa.

Waiakea has proven that it is possible to be a successful company that is eco friendly, and helps their fellow man. To read more about Waiakea and their involvement in humanitarian efforts, please click here.