Anthony Constantinou: A Reliable Entrepreneur


Anthony Constantinou is a successful specialist in decision making, risk management and Bayesian methods of artificial intelligence for sports predictions. He applies Bayesian Network strategies in academic research and industrial clients. The Bayesian Network methods can be applied to gambling games, sports protection, sports betting and investment decision making. Dr. Anthony Constantinou is currently working on the effective Bayesian Modelling with Knowledge before Data. The project was intended to improve decision-based on evidence for critical decision-making issues in the real world. Dr. Constantinou is also an expert in computer and data mining. He is also certified by all relevant agencies to perform his duties including CISCO.

Anthony Constantinou works with other professors and applies Bayesian Network technology to create personalized decision backup tools. Dr. Constantinou created a website that provides football match predictions in 2010 using Bayesian Network technology. The BN technology has been used by many betting companies in the world since 2010. The BN methods are based on models and algorithms. The English Premiership league adopted the model in the 2011/2012 season to predict results online before the start of each match. The model determines the profitability, risk, and uncertainty of the match. All risk and uncertainty are assessed by considering various unit –based betting steps against published market odds.

Dr. Constantinou works for Agena Ltd as a P/T consultant. He works along with other world-class professors of the university as a consultant decision science. The professors use the current technology of visualization and artificial intelligence to enhance the process of decision making. The BN model is now used for forecasting Association Football game results. The BN demonstrate how probabilities change at each level of the model component. The match predictive distribution follows hierarchical levels of Bayesian inferences. The model demonstrates both the descriptive and subjective data that are considered for prediction. Read This Article to learn Constantinou’s interview with


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